Figlmüller: Schnitzel and more

The restaurant company, Figlmüller, coats more than 250,000 Wiener Schnitzel with breadcrumbs every year for its guests from around the world. Since 2012 the family company has placed its trust in BASELINE chamber machines from MULTIVAC to prepare its high-quality dishes in the right portion sizes.

Situated at Wollzeile 5 just behind the Stephansdom cathedral in Vienna, the business run by the fourth generation of the Figlmüller family prepares and cooks the epitome of Viennese cuisine: the Figlmüller Schnitzel is wafer-thin, at least 250 grams in weight, and has been produced to the same recipe since 1905. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, the culinary speciality always overhangs the edge of the plate - a signature feature that is mentioned in many guidebooks.

Today the Figlmüller name stands not just for Schnitzel but also for innovative and successful business models. When the brothers Hans and Thomas Figlmüller took over the company in 2002, they embarked on a systematic process of expansion: in addition to the parent restaurant in the Wollzeile, they opened a second restaurant in Bäckerstrasse. In 2004, the tavern, which had previously been known as “Figlmüller Heurigen” in the Grinzing district, became “Figls”, a sophisticated gastropub with a convivial beer garden. In 2012 the brothers founded “JOMA”, a stylish brasserie with international cuisine, in the Hohen Markt area of the city. In 2014 a further restaurant, “Lugeck”, was established in Regensburger Hof in the heart of the city for all lovers of Viennese cuisine culture. The culinary offering is rounded off with two coffee shops at Vienna Airport.

When they opened “JOMA” in 2012, the two CEOs invested for the first time in a MULTIVAC chamber machine: a BASELINE P 200 packaging machine in the medium-output range was purchased for the kitchen of their new all-day restaurant. The tabletop machine, measuring just 38 x 51 x 31 centimetres, is ideal for use even in limited space. Despite its compact dimensions, the machine’s sealing bar has a length of 30.5 centimetres.

Enormous product range

Contact with MULTIVAC Austria was made via Markus Brunner, the Kitchen Director. He was instantly impressed with the MULTIVAC chamber machines: “As regards to size, output and equipment level, the range is enormous. We decided on the BASELINE P 200 tabletop model, because it best met our requirements.”

The chamber machine has since been in use every day, and it is used mainly for preparatory work. The staff at “JOMA” cut the meat in the right portion size and then pack it in vacuum pouches. This has the benefit, that there is never too much prepared. If a guest orders a certain dish, the cooks always have the right quantity of fresh product on hand. In addition to this, side dishes such as vegetables or dumplings, are also vacuum packed, which means their shelf life is longer.

One of the benefits of the P 200 is its intuitive operating concept: the staff place the piece of meat or other food to be packed into a suitable film pouch and then into the opened vacuum chamber, after which they close the chamber lid. They call up the desired “recipe”, in which the settings have been stored, via the display in the machine control. There are three defined programs that can be selected. In addition to this, the sealing time and vacuum duration can be entered as required. The double-seam sever sealing that is fitted as standard guarantees optimum sealing results and minimum excess length of film pouch. “The machine is robust, precise and very efficient, and is suitable for a very wide range of products, film pouches and pouch sizes. It is also very easy to clean. We have had up to now only the most positive experiences with this packaging solution,” says Markus Brunner with praise.

Trusting business relationships

Since the family company was very satisfied with the first machine, it purchased two more chamber machines from MULTIVAC - one, when in 2013 the old chamber machine at “Figls” had to be replaced, and a further one in 2014 when “Lugeck” was opened. “We did however decide on the slightly larger P 300 model, allowing larger food items to also be packed on its sealing length of 42 centimetres,” says Markus Brunner.

The restaurant company sees itself as being very well equipped with MULTIVAC for the future as well. “MULTIVAC is a proficient and customer-focused partner, which is well ahead of the competition due to its quick reaction time, professional support and wide product range,” sums up Markus Brunner. MULTIVAC is able to support the family company in its future requirements with a large portfolio of chamber machines.


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