MULTIVAC is redefining thermoforming packaging with its X-line. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system and its networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance and future-proofing.


The X-line is equipped with an array of innovative and unique technology, which sets new benchmarks in the market.




The X-line is equipped with MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, which enables the machine to be set up to the optimum level using machine control support. When new recipes are created, the machine parameterises itself to the optimum operating point using the die set data and the features for pack, product and packaging material that have been selected. This means it can be used even without special operator knowledge.

Thanks to Pack Pilot, the X-Line is already set up to the optimum level when the machine is started. This means that during production start-up it produces packs with maximum packaging reliability, consistent quality and very high output without production loss. This leads to significant savings on product, packaging materials and production time.

Pack Pilot has access to comprehensive expert knowledge, which benefits from process data from over 1,000 new packaging solutions per year.


Multi Sensor Control


The X-line has a level of sensor control never achieved before, whereby the Multi Sensor Control captures all the relevant parts of the process. Even the forming and sealing dies are integrated into the sensor control via electronic sensor modules.
Using closed control circuits, the sensor system constantly captures a wide range of process values, such as forming, evacuation and sealing, and it combines these perfectly for every process stage.
Thanks to Multi Sensor Control, the X-line works constantly at the optimum operating point. Any deviations from this, whether conditioned by the product or system, are automatically compensated wherever possible. Reject packs are identified at each cycle. Even faulty settings by operators are independently detected and displayed. This means the X-Line produces packs of the highest quality and offers the maximum level of packaging reliability.


HMI 3 user interface


The intuitive Multi-Touch user interface is high-resolution and is equivalent to the operating logic of today’s mobile devices. It enables the operating processes to be controlled even more easily and reliably. All the relevant machine parameters are displayed on one screen page.
The HMI 3 user interface is individually set for the particular operator. This includes different access rights and operating languages. User login is contactless by means of RFID chip cards.


Detailed solutions


MULTIVAC has also continued to develop the X-line in many other areas. For example, the new die generation called X-Tools guarantees the lowest operating costs in the market. The X-tools have an extensive range of innovations in their design, sensor system and actuating features. They enable shorter evacuation times to be achieved and therefore contribute to higher cycle outputs. As an option, the X-tools can be designed with a narrower edge trim width. This means film trim is reduced by up to 10 percent.

All the die elements are coded and can be identified by the thermoforming packaging machine. When a die is correctly installed, the machine parameterises itself automatically, which ensures optimum process control. This means operating reliability is increased, particularly for machines with frequent format changes.


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