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Processing solutions from the MULTIVAC Group: "Get more than automation"


MULTIVAC will be presenting the very best of packaging and processing at interpack

Wolfertschwenden, 28 April 2023 - At this year's interpack MULTIVAC will be showing various processing and packaging solutions for the food industry in live operation in a marquee on the open-air site (in front of Hall 4). The exhibits will include a slicer line, in which the core element is the new SLX 2000. In addition to this, a portioning machine will also be shown, including product loading into trays, as well as a line for packing minced meat in flowpacks.


The new dimension in slicing

The new SLX 2000, the first high-output slicer of a new generation, will be shown to the public for the first time in Düsseldorf. The slicer can be seen in live operation in the MULTIVAC marquee (in front of Hall 4), and it will be operating in conjunction with the SB 625 automatic portion feeder and a simulation conveyor. Among the many features of the SLX 2000 are its excellent slicing quality, its simple and intuitive machine operation, as well as its outstanding portioning function and perfect slicing results. 

Portioning of fresh meat with maximum yield

The starting point for this line is the GMS 400 portioning machine from TVI, which is eagerly awaited with its many new features for precision weight portioning of fresh meat, such as the processing of meat with bone and the production of diced meat. The loading line features many new additional functions and design alterations for rapid product changeover times, as well as simple and intuitive operation and increased machine availability.

Thanks to its 3D pressing system, this entry-level model produces portions from the raw meat, which are extremely precise in their weight and very similar-looking. These portions are then transported on a discharge conveyor to the product conveyor of the loading line. While plastic trays are being denested onto a parallel transport conveyor by the denester, the trays are fed under the product conveyor of the loading line, and the meat portions are automatically loaded from above into the queued trays. As an option, the trays can also be loaded manually. The loaded trays are positioned on a downstream MULTIVAC rotating table in such a way, that they can be picked up by hand quickly and easily.


Minced meat line with filler and new flowpacker

When it comes to material-efficient flowpack applications, MULTIVAC can also offer a complete solution, where the features are maximum productivity, a high level of flexibility, and process reliability as well as pack security.

In Düsseldorf a compact line will be shown with a Handtmann filler and the MULTIVAC W 510 flowpacker. The portioning machine dispenses a continuous block of minced meat onto a paper substrate from the roll. A guillotine knife cuts the individual portions, which then run over a checkweigher. The portions are subsequently packed in the flowpacker.


A printed label is applied to the film by an IL 161 inline labeller, and the film is then folded from above over the minced meat portions. This means that the longitudinal seal seam, which is then made, lies underneath the product, so that the pack is perfectly presented. Thanks to the direct web printer, which is integrated in the labeller, a best-before date or batch number can be printed with thermal transfer printing directly onto the packaging film.


In order to achieve the optimum shelf life, the flowpacks can be filled with packaging gas by means of an MAP system. The packaging material is particularly thin, but it still has impressively high barrier properties. And for a final bonus in efficiency and process reliability, all the line modules can be controlled easily and quickly with a few clicks thanks to MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC).


More than just automation expertise ...

In addition to demonstrating its performance and quality, MULTIVAC also sets the benchmark at interpack in terms of digitalisation. All the solutions, which are on show in the marquee, are laid out for use with MULTIVAC Smart Services.


As a special service

MULTIVAC offers its customers at interpack the opportunity to book exclusive live demonstrations in the Processing Marquee via their particular country subsidiary or representative. In addition to the line solutions already detailed above, this also includes the presentation of the GM 600 blade grinding machine for slicer blades - for the perfect slicing result.

Processing solutions from the MULTIVAC Group: "Get more than automation"

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