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Working at MULTIVAC


They are our most valuable asset and the most important investment for the future. We are looking for you so that together we can continue our success, and you can follow a new (packaging) path in an exciting environment with a social conscience and striving for a better future.


MULTIVAC is a global leader in handling and packaging all kinds of foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. MULTIVAC is a family-owned company, which operates globally with more than 80 sites and over 7,000 employees worldwide.

Our mission for quality and innovation drives us forward, and we also intend to meet our ecological and social responsibilities.

We at MULTIVAC build on the expertise, vigour, creativity, and spirit of our staff since we owe the success of our company to them.

MULTIVAC - OUR numbers


Employees working worldwide at MULTIVAC across various fields of business.


Subsidiaries, which allow us to stay close to our customers and markets all over the world.


years is the average length of service of a MULTIVAC employee worldwide.


The distance in kilometres you'd need to travel to visit every MULTIVAC branch. That's 4.3 trips around the world.

MULTIVAC as an employer

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