Our company history

From a small entrepreneurial business in a garage to a well-established global player. Join us on our journey of time through the company's history!

Are you curious about how a small garage-based entrepreneurial business evolved into a global market leader? Dedicated people with a clear vision, exciting milesones and a shared direction: forwards.
Our company's many milestones include the moments when the very first chamber machine became a hit at the trade fair, when the first thermoforming packaging machine conquered the market and the first subsidiary was established. And let's not forget the premiere of the traysealer, non-stop growth and expansion, and the digital quantum leap achieved with the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine. Explore our journey. It's a fascinating one. From a small garage-based business to today's globally active MULTIVAC Group.


A business founded in a garage

While Sepp Haggenmüller worked as an employee during the day, he developed his first chamber machine in the evenings and on weekends, together with his childhood friend Artur Vetter - in his parents' garage in Böhen. The machine was named the MULTIVAC A 4. Sepp Haggenmüller founded his own company there in 1961 with Hermann Keil.





MULTIVAC chamber machines – the success story begins

The A 4 (free-standing) and M 3 (tabletop) chamber machines were met with great enthusiam at the first trade fairs. By the end of 1964, more than 350 of the M 3 model had been produced, and by the end of 1965, over 700 of the A 4 model.


Moving from the garage to a factory

In January 1965, the company, which a staff of ten, moved to a new factory building just 100 metres away from the garage workshop. Herrmann Keil eventually retired from the business. Within the "MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller KG", Sepp Haggenmüller was the personally liable partner, while Heinz Brenne and Artur Vetter were limited partners.



Rapid growth

In 1966, the number of employees rose from 15 to 46. The product range grew to include large chamber machines (AG 1, AGW), double chamber machines (A2, AG 2, AG 4) and chamber belt machines (B 5, B 6, BG 6).


A quantum leap: the thermoforming packaging machine

The first MULTIVAC R 67 thermoforming packaging machine was introduced to the market. In its first year, more than 100 machines were sold, and over time a total of close to 300.


A new beginning in Wolfertschwenden with the R 70 thermoforming packaging machine

In 1970, the Böhen era ended, since the factory had already become too small. The employees moved into a new factory consisting of two manufacturing halls, a material warehouse, an administration building and a canteen.

The new R 70 was the first thermoforming packaging machine to be based on a modular design principle., which enabled the machine to be supplied in versions of different lengths.


A twist of fate: Sepp Haggenmüller dies in a tragic car accident

On May 21, 1971, Sepp Haggenmüller was involved in a fatal car accident on his way to pick up a customer at the train station. Following his tragic death, responsibilities were divided. Heinz Brenne took over organisational and sales responsibilities. And Artur Vetter retained his focus on technology, initiating new developments in machines and accessory equipment.


The 1000th thermoforming packaging machine is sold and the first subsidiary opened

In 1972, MULTIVAC celebrated three milestones. 1,000 automatic packaging machines had been produced and sold. The M 72 model was introduced as a lower-cost and simpler thermoforming packaging machine. MULTIVAC France in Nogent-sur-Marne was founded as the first subsidiary for sales and service outside of Germany.



The R 7000 thermoforming packaging machine is introduced

The R 7000 series was launched onto the market as a further development of the R 70. It featured an adjustable forming station and was capable of running films with greater tolerances. The R 7000, built with a length of up to 15 metres, rapidly became the dominant machine on the market.


MULTIVAC Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG in Lechaschau is founded

MULTIVAC Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG in Lechaschau is MULTIVAC's second production site for packaging machines. It was founded in 1974 on a green field site, at a time when production capacities in Wolfertschwenden had become insufficient to meet the growing demand for packaging machines.


20 years of MULTIVAC

300 employees at the Wolfertschwenden factory and a further 150 in the subsidiaries called MULTIVAC 'their' company. The sales and service network included 60 agencies. Some 4,500 thermoforming packaging machines and 20,000 chamber machines had been built in the company's first two decades. MULTIVAC was successful in establishing an excellent reputation in the packaging sector. Following the death of Artur Vetter in May 1981, Heinz Brenne became the sole Managing Director.


The first traysealer from MULTIVAC

MULTIVAC entered the market for tray packaging solutions in 1984 with the semi-automatic 'ESPACE' traysealer, which was produced and sold by MULTIVAC France. In 1988, the ESPACE was replaced by the higher-output 'GALAXY', which was available until 2001, and of which over 1,000 machines were sold.


The largest subsidiary is founded: MULTIVAC Inc. in Kansas City, USA

By 1987, MULTIVAC had established subsidiaries in France, Switzerland, Benelux and the United Kingdom. The new MULTIVAC Inc. subsidiary was opened in 1987 with some 80 employees who transferred from Koch, MULTIVAC's previous sales partner.


Another quantum leap: machines made of stainless steel

With the R 530 model, MULTIVAC introduced the first stainless steel thermoforming packaging machine to the market. Its self-supporting frame design enabled maximum hygiene and flexibility. This made it possible to equip machines with up to four die sets, which are all installed simultaneously and activated by a simple change in the control program.


MR Etikettiertechnik becomes part of MULTIVAC

In May 1993, MULTIVAC took over full ownership of MR Etikettiertechnik, which was located in the Westphalian town of Enger. At that time, the product range already included a wide portfolio of equipment, ranging from manual label dispensers to fully automatic self-contained label dispensers, and all the way through to equipment for applying labels on or under the film, as well as printing equipment to complete the pack.


MULTIVAC is certified to EN ISO 9001

As a company that has always been focused on outstanding quality, MULTIVAC certified its Quality Management system to EN ISO 9001 at a very early stage.


Management change & the compact R 140 thermoforming packaging machine

In February 2003, Managing Director Heinz Brenne completed his 65th year with the company and entered into well-deserved retirement. Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, an experienced manager who had joined the company in 2001, took over the helm. 

The compact R 140 thermoforming packaging machine

To enable processors of small production batches to cost-effectively produce thermoformed packs, MULTIVAC's product range was  expanded in 2003 to include the compact R 140 machine.


Acquisition of Christoph Grundmann GmbH

The company had previously operated under the name of Christoph Grundmann GmbH and has been part of the MULTIVAC Group since 2005. MULTIVAC Resale & Service, based in Nettetal on the Lower Rhine, is the Center of Excellence for second-hand machines, overhauls and conversions for the European market.


R 535: the MULTIVAC Hygienic DesignTM conquers the market

With the introduction of the R 535, the first machine of a new generation of thermoforming packaging machines was introduced to the market. This new product series systematically put into practice all the market demands and statutory requirements for the hygienic design of packaging machines.


Expansion of the Management Board to include Christian Traumann

After Hans-Joachim Boekstegers had successfully advanced the development of the MULTIVAC Group, the Management Board was expanded in August 2008 to include CFO Christian Traumann, who had been working as Commercial Director since 2002.


Expansion of the Management Board to include Guido Spix

With the appointment of Guido Spix to CTO in March 2009, the Management Board was expanded to include a Chief Technical Officer, responsible for the product-manufacturing business units.


A new Business Unit: Systems & MR Etikettiertechnik becomes MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

By founding the Systems Business Unit in 2010, MULTIVAC laid the cornerstone for its ongoing development as a supplier of packaging lines from one source.

MR Etikettiertechnik becomes MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

In 2010, the sales activities of MULTIVAC and MR in Germany were merged with the aim of providing optimized customer support. Subsequently, in August of 2010, MR Etikettiertechnik was renamed MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection.


50 years of MULTIVAC & acquisition of Mobepack Sistems S.L.

In 2010, the consolidated turnover of the MULTIVAC Group was 558 million euros. At the Wolfertschwenden site, a turnover of 251 million euros was generated in the same period with 1,325 employees. The Group employed a total of 3,156 people.

Acquisition of Mobepack Sistems S.L.

The takeover of Mobepack Sistems resulted in the creation of MULTIVAC Production Spain. Thanks to extensive investment in state-of-the-art production facilities and the establishment of local development capacities, MULTIVAC Production Spain has become a key production site for the MULTIVAC Group.


Inauguration of the Training & Innovation Center in Wolfertschwenden

The Training & Innovation Center (TIC) was opened in Wolfertschwenden in early 2013. Customers receive expert, manufacturer-independent advice regarding packaging materials and application questions, and packaging ideas are made available as prototypes or small batches. The TIC also offers a comprehensive training program, which can be designed to meet individual customer requirements.


Dedication of the Logistics Center in Wolfertschwenden

The state-of-the-art Logistics Center at the company's headquarters in Wolfertschwenden was put into operation in mid-2016. The building complex, which was built to meet the latest energy-saving standards, has a surface area of 5,400 m² and cost some 11.9 million euros. By using an optimized logistics concept, its primary role is to control the supply of spare parts centrally from Wolfertschwenden to the European subsidiaries. Increasingly, however, European customers will also be supplied directly from the company's headquarters.


A digital quantum leap: the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine

Thanks to its unique sensor control, the RX 4.0 makes a significant contribution to optimum processes and reproducible pack quality. Maximum operating reliability is provided by the Pack Pilot and a user interface that can be personalized. The RX 4.0 is also designed for seamless integration into higher-level systems, as well as for use with MULTIVAC Smart Hub and MULTIVAC Smart Services.

BETTER PORTIONING: Majority stake in TVI

With the integration of TVI Entwicklung und Produktion GmbH in Irschenberg, the MULTIVAC Group expanded its product range in the processing sector.


BETTER SLICING: Acquisition of the Slicer division of VC 999

MULTIVAC Buchenau is the result of the takeover of VC 999's Slicer division by the MULTIVAC Group. This site houses the Slicer Development Center as well as the production of new slicer prototypes. Mass production of sliced products takes place at the Wolfertschwenden site.

Over 1,000,000,000 euros turnover

In 2018, for the first time, the consolidated turnover of the MULTIVAC Group was 1.1 billion euros. More than 2,000 employees were working at the Wolfertschwenden site, and the Group employed over 5,750 people.

Inauguration of the MULTIVAC production site in Bulgaria

The production site of MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production is located in the industrial zone of Bozhurishte and has a total area of 20,000 square metres. After a construction period of only two years, around 150 highly modern and secure workplaces were created in 2018 at the MULTIVAC Group's first Eastern European production site.



FRITSCH became part of the MULTIVAC Group in 2019. In the world of bakery technology, the name FRITSCH has been synonymous for decades with high-quality, high-performance equipment and pioneering innovations in dough forming and dough processing. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world. The company's headquarters, founded in 1926, are in the town of Markt Einersheim in Lower Frankonia.


New Management Duo

After the retirement of Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, the management of the MULTIVAC Group was placed in the experienced hands of Group Presidents Guido Spix and Christian Traumann.


60 years of MULTIVAC

Under the motto "One world, One MULTIVAC", and together with associate partners, over 9,000 guests celebrated the company's 60th anniversary at company headquarters in Wolfertschwenden.


Inauguration of the Training and Application Center for Slicing & Automation

In 2021, the Training & Application Center (TAC) for slicing & automation was inaugurated at the company's headquarters in Wolfertschwenden.




Inauguration of the new MULTIVAC production site in Japan

A two-storey building complex with close to 5100 m² of production space over a total area of 14,400 m² was inaugurated in July 2022, in the presence of the two MULTIVAC Directors – Christian Traumann and Guido Spix.


Groundbreaking ceremony for a MULTIVAC production and sales site in India

In Ghiloth, some 120 kilometres from Delhi, a state-of-the-art building complex for sales and production, covering a total of 10,000 square metres of usable space, will be built in the RIICO Industrial Area. Completion is planned for December 2022.


Groundbreaking ceremony at the new MULTIVAC site in Buchenau

In October 2022 the construction of a new building complex in Buchenau began. A production site with a centre of excellence for application technology and development will be created for the flourishing Slicing Business Unit.


New Management Board at MULTIVAC

Guido Spix resigned his appointment as Group President of MULTIVAC on December 31, 2022. Since January 1, 2023, Christian Traumann has chaired the company as CEO and Spokesman for the Management Team, together with three new Directors on the Management Board, Bernd Höpner (CTO), Dr. Christian Lau (COO) and Dr. Tobias Richter (CSO).

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