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Our vast portfolio includes your individual solution.

Our comprehensive product range and varied system solutions upstream and downstream of the packaging process are unique in the market. We offer our customers - who range from artisans to industrial-scale producers - the highest-quality systems in packaging, labelling and marking, inspection, automation, slicing, portioning and dough processing.

Best-in-class to protect your investment

"Best-in-class" is a mindset that has driven us for over 60 years. What makes us unique? Our comprehensive range of products and services, as well as the groundbreaking concepts that make it all possible. Our system solutions, which are upstream and downstream of the processing and packaging procedures, are equally impressive. The MULTIVAC product range offers you excellent quality to maximize your productivity.

MULTIVAC line solutions

You benefit all along the line

What makes MULTIVAC stand out is our long-standing experience and know-how in the development of automated and fully integrated packaging solutions. From product infeed to end-of-line packing, we will configure your individual solution and even supply you with a turnkey solution on request.

Packaging solutions

The right package for every product - attractive and secure. We can support you holistically to meet your specific requirements.

Thermoforming packaging machines

High-output thermoforming packaging machines from MULTIVAC dominate the market. We are continuously raising the benchmark with our innovative solutions.


MULTIVAC traysealers for the secure packaging of food, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as industrial and consumer goods.


MULTIVAC flowpackers are robust, reliable and easy to clean - and they are ideal for regular product changes. They prevent faults and production stoppages.

Chamber machines

Flexible, easy to operate, and efficient - MULTIVAC vacuum machines are a synonym for packing products in film pouches.

Shrinking and drying units

Shrink and drying units from MULTIVAC refine your vacuum packs into attractive products that are easy to handle.

Packaging materials

Packaging materials and consumables – films, trays, film pouches, paper fibre-based materials, labels and printer consumables for MULTIVAC packaging lines.

Labelling and marking solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of labelling and marking systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing production and packaging processes.


Inspection solutions

Highly efficient inspection solutions: Checkweighers, metal detectors, and visual or X-ray inspection systems increase your product safety.



Automation solutions, such as automated transport, orientation, loading, and converging of products, packs and boxes, ensure that optimum product flow is achieved.


Dough processing solutions

For bakeries with the highest quality standards: Quality "made in Germany" from FRITSCH.

Slicing solutions

One slice is as precise as the next one – our slicers guarantee excellent results every time.

Portioning solutions

TVI's meat portioning systems guarantee excellent quality and maximum yield.

Digital solutions

The monitoring and evaluation of machine data offer enormous potential for optimizing production processes. MULTIVAC supports you with its advanced digital products and services.

Smart Services

MULTIVAC Smart Services - Digital solutions for maximum productivity, as well as simple operation and direct support for your MULTIVAC machines and line components.

MULTIVAC Line Control

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) enables the centralized operation of the entire MULTIVAC line.

myMULTIVAC Customer Portal

Through the myMULTIVAC Customer Portal, you can manage your machines, order spare parts and consumables, and view the status of your orders. You also receive information about MULTIVAC's services and training.

Packaging and consumables

MULTIVAC offers processing and packaging machines of the highest technical quality for many different sectors - either stand-alone or fully integrated, automated line solutions.

MultiFresh™ films

MultiFresh™ skin films - highly transparent for perfect packaging results with a wide range of products and for their attractive presentation at POS.

MultiCook™ films

MultiCook™ films - high seal seam and puncture resistance allow for maximum load with cooling, deep freezing and commonly used heating processes.

FormShrink® films

FormShrink® films – different grades of upper and lower webs have been matched to a variety of product shapes and heights. Flexible and adaptable.

Thermoformable films

Thermoformable films - with a wide range of polymers, thicknesses, qualities and colors - are perfect for producing vacuum, MAP and vacuum skin packs.

Upper webs

MULTIVAC's comprehensive selection of upper webs is specially designed for products and applications in a wide range of sectors.

Trays for traysealers

MULTIVAC offers trays in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials for customized applications, such as MAP and/or vacuum skin packs.

Vacuum pouches and shrink bags

MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive range of vacuum pouches and shrink bags for reliable and individual packaging with MULTIVAC chamber machines.

Flowpack films

Our comprehensive range of MULTIVAC flowpack films is specially designed for our customers' diverse products and applications.


Labels - a complete range of labelling technology, consumables and labels from a single source. All materials complement each other perfectly.

MULTIVAC printer consumables

Printer consumables - all materials that are used in the packaging and marking process are perfectly matched to each other.

Partner products

Successful together

We work together with a network of qualified manufacturers. If required, we seamlessly integrate their modules into our automation and line solutions. It goes without saying that we place the same high quality standards on our partners as we do for ourselves. This is how we guarantee high quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


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