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The art of shrinking and drying

Optimum shrinking and drying processes with minimal temperature penetration and low energy consumption.

MULTIVAC shrinking and drying units offer you the best results. Our shrink packs enclose the content of your products under a vacuum and extend the shelf life of your products. In addition, we can advise you on how to configure your shrinking and drying solution to be customized for you.

The product and packaging are tempered

Shrinking and drying units from MULTIVAC guarantee perfect results with minimal temperature penetration and optimized energy consumption. They are easy to operate and very precise in their control. For optimum productivity, they fit seamlessly into new or existing production environments.

The different operating principles of MULTIVAC shrink units enable individual capacity and production flow requirements to be adapted perfectly. Shrink tanks or tunnels can easily be combined with packaging machines and downstream systems such as drying units to form automatic lines.

Shrink tanks

  • Complete submersing of products for perfectly homogeneous shrink results

  • No transport conveyor between the packaging machine and the shrinking unit required

  • Suitable for medium-sized and large products, no flat or floating products

SE 60

The SE 60 shrink tank from MULTIVAC - takes up very little space, is mobile, and does not require a compressed air connection. An optimum complement to your chamber machine.

SE 320

The SE 320 shrink tank from MULTIVAC - as an automatic shrink tank in combination with chamber belt machines and thermoforming packaging machines, it is particularly gentle on the product.

SE 335

The SE 335 shrink tank from MULTIVAC corresponds to a somewhat broader variant of the SE 320 - neither requires a buffer conveyor to move the packs. Allowing for lines with a smaller footprint to be achieved.

Shrink tunnel

  • Products are sprayed with hot water in continuous running
  • Transport conveyor between packaging machine and shrink unit required
  • Suitable for all product sizes within the scope of the machine dimensions

SE 120

The SE 120 shrink tunnel from MULTIVAC - can be integrated seamlessly into packaging lines and enables large batches of products, accommodating challenging formats such as flat, rolling, or floating products, to be processed.

SE 135

The MULTIVAC SE 135 shrink tunnel offers you all the benefits of the SE 120 at a larger usable width.

Drying tunnel

  • Products are dried in continuous running by several fans with cold air

  • Option of automatic height control of the upper nozzles

  • Residual moisture depends on the product geometry, throughput speed, and the selected blower output

  • Suitable for all product sizes within the scope of the machine dimensions

  • Light products require a reduction in the air-blowing capacity

TE 120

The TE 120 drying tunnel from MULTIVAC provides the best drying results for your food products. With the option of automatic adjustment of the drying nozzles, you can achieve a top result with different product sizes.

TE 135

The TE 135 drying unit from MULTIVAC offers you the same benefits as the TE 120 – with a wider usable width.

High-output drying process

MULTIVAC dryers, equipped with high-performance nozzles, significantly reduce the residual moisture after the shrinking process. In most cases, it is possible to label products directly after drying or pack them in boxes.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Shrinking and drying units for a high level of product safety

A high level of packaging quality and a minimized heat input that is gentle on your product are some characteristics that set our shrink and drying units apart. In addition, we offer cost-effective solutions that can be adapted flexibly to your requirements and combined with packaging machines and downstream systems. 

  • Quality: Providing the highest quality when it comes to shrinking and drying. The shrink film protects your products and increases shelf life and product safety 

  • Integration: Design, functionality, equipment options, and output ranges can be selected flexibly. In addition to a tailored solution, this also enables the line to be integrated seamlessly into new and existing lines 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Our machines are designed to be robust and durable. Minimal temperature penetration and energy consumption are guaranteed

  • Efficiency: Fast shrinking and drying results in a higher output of the processing of your products



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