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High levels of precision for perfectly sliced meats

Whether you're slicing wafer-thin ham, cheese, sausage slices or perfectly-portioned bacon strips – you and your customers deserve the very best slice quality! MULTIVAC slicers offer maximum flexibility in portion design and seamless combination with the most attractive packaging solutions.

Slicing and automated packaging: Efficient line solutions from a single source

MULTIVAC slicer lines impress customers with their consistently high portion and packaging quality. Thanks to innovative slicing technology and the seamless integration of a wide variety of loading solutions, they are exceptionally high-performance, compact and user-friendly. 

The highest level of slicing quality for cheese and sausage products

The worldwide variety of cheese and sausage products is breathtaking. Ideally sliced products clearly influence the taste experience, and not just for gourmets. MULTIVAC slicers adapt to your product with great precision to ensure perfect slicing results. Weight-optimized portions not only taste better, they also provide you and your customer with maximum satisfaction.


Who doesn't enjoy perfect slices of cheese, sausage or ham? There are also many fans worldwide of alternative protein products. But your success ultimately depends on many factors that together determine which product is selected in the display.

Your high-quality product is always in the foreground of our concept. From product infeed, precise portioning and slicing through to the packaging process, pack discharge, labelling and marking, quality inspection, through to end-of-line packing - together with you, we will find the best possible processing and packaging solution for your product.


Cheese has to be cut skillfully!

Cheese is presented in various shapes, consistencies, tastes, and sizes. However, all cheese products have one thing in common: due to their moisture and fat content, cheese applications can be challenge for both the slicer system and the pack.

Accuracy in portion creation and processing is required here. We offer you precise slicing solutions for your cheese products. To optimize the yield and reduce giveaway, the process stages before slicing, for example, product measurement, will be essential. MULTIVAC supports you with its perfectly tailored line equipment and in-depth experience with cheese products worldwide.

Scalded sausage

The extra slice of sausage for the taste-aware

Meat sausage and beer-cured ham are popular fixtures at the butcher's counters, on the breakfast and dinner table, on bread, or as a side dish. These scalded sausages are often produced as large-diameter products - a specialty of MULTIVAC slicers at high performance, with simultaneous flexibility and unrivalled machine availability. You also benefit from lower running costs when combined with your entire line.

Raw sausage

More than just salami!

The production of raw sausage requires time, because it undergoes an elaborate ripening process, which can last several months depending on the variety. The sausage gradually dries in its casing over time.

Drying also ensures that raw sausages often have a very long shelf life, while subsequent cold smoking reinforces product preservation.

When processing typical raw sausage varieties such as salami, mettwurst and Cabanossi on machines from MULTIVAC, you can further improve your processes - and the packaging gives the product an even longer shelf life.

Cooked ham

Gentle processing of cooked ham and cured products

Cooked ham ranks among the cured products. The meat is cured and thereby retains its typical reddish color. It is usually injected with liquid seasoning and then subjected to a massage process to ensure binding between the meat pieces. Ham is molded, cooked and smoked briefly, depending on the region. Due to the high proportion of water, cooked ham can expire easily and quickly. MULTIVAC's precise slicing systems work quickly and reliably so that your ham quickly arrives in its attractive pack and to your end customer. We protect shelf life and ensure portion quality for your maximized yield.


Parma or Serrano - Sliced raw hams by MULTIVAC

The family of raw hams is diverse in taste and methods of production. However, whether air-dried or smoked and dried, the long maturing time of up to 24 months is the same; this makes every gram precious and requiring impeccable processing, making it a perfect fit for MULTIVAC! Your products deserve absolute precision in slicing and packing.


Bacon your way!

What is more tempting than a cozy Sunday breakfast or a long brunch with crispy bacon? Whether salted or smoked– with a slicing solution from MULTIVAC, your bacon has the right thickness and is no longer just available for breakfast but is always a welcome treat for your palate.

Vegetarian / Vegan Products

Sliced products can also be vegetarian or vegan!

Living vegetarian or vegan does not mean giving up sliced meats. The range of products in supermarkets has continued to grow for years, and MULTIVAC is an expert partner to solve the specific requirements of manufacturing, processing and packaging your products.

Portions designed to catch buyer's attention

Now that looks appetizing! The types of portions influence purchase decisions at POS.

Portion types

A slicer's portioning system reliably performs a wide range of portioning tasks - from the precise placement of slices in shingled portions and straight or staggered stacks to the shingling of wafer-thin cut product, all the way through to multiple portions. It also enables portions to be produced up to a height of 80 mm - with exceptions of heights of up to 100 mm for bulk packs to meet catering requirements, for example.

Shingled portions

Shingled portions

This is a standard and one of the most common portion forms ever. Slices are placed one after the other to a shingled portion at a defined distance.

Inverted shingled portions

Slices are laid one after the other at a defined distance into a shingled portion, but opposite to the product flow direction.

Endless shingled portion

Slices are placed one after the other at a defined distance one after the other to a shingled portion and transported out of the slicer. This is used primarily in bulk consumer packs, such as for example in the catering industry.

Multilayer shingled portion

This rare version of the shingled portions is used for bulk consumer packs. Several shingled portions are placed on top of each other, usually alternately a shingled portion followed by an inverted shingled portion.

Stacked portions


Slice after slice is placed precisely onto the previous one to form a stack.

Stacked portions with slice offset

A stack with a defined offset of the slices from each other. The offset enables the individual slices to be removed more easily from the pack.

Stacked shingled portion

A rare version of the stacked portions, particularly for bulk consumer packs. One stack is created, the following stacks are placed on the previous one with offset.

Multiple stack

Several portion rows from stacks are produced one after the other with minimum spacing in relation to a bulk pack.

Wafer-thin cut

Wafer-thin cuts

A portion design of wafer-thin slices. The slices are compressed and extended in the portion, creating a seemingly uncontrolled but light and loose appearance.

Folded slices

Folded slices

The cut portion slices fall onto a rotating shaft and are folded in this way and laid one after the other. This results in a very graphic portion design and enables slices to be easily removed from the pack.

Pieces / individual slices

A single slice with a thickness of about 10 mm is designated as a piece. This type of portion is used for example with meat loaf and in sliced meat lines for cheese.

The atomisation in real-life operation is so fine, that it would not be visible on the photos. The quantity of liquid was overdosed for the purposes of illustration.

MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving

Innovative. Economical. And sustainable.

Show consumers your environmental awareness with MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving - an innovative solution that eliminates the need for plastic or paper interleaves between slices. 

Slicing applications

MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving

The operating principle is simply ingenious and perfectly matched to the respective product properties: A liquid release agent is evenly applied to the underside of the slices via atomizer nozzles to reduce adhesion between the individual slices. Even with highly adhesive cold cuts such as thin cheese, raw ham or vegan products, the end user can remove the individual slices easily and undamaged. Even with extremely sensitive products and shaved, wafer-thin portion shapes, for which a classic interleaver is not suitable.

Tasteless release agents, which are also available in organic quality, do not noticeably change taste, odor or color. In addition, using flavored release agents is possible, specifically adding additional flavors.

The best thing about it is that the MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaver can be easily integrated into both new and existing slicer lines. It has been proving itself in practice since 2018.

MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving

Innovative. Economically. Sustainable.

Show consumers your environmental awareness. With MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving - an innovative solution, which makes plastic or paper interleaves between slices superfluous.

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Sustainable packaging solutions

With MULTIVAC you can meet the demand for recyclability and a reduction in packaging material consumption

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