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MULTIVAC at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona (23-25 April 2024)

Wolfertschwenden, 12 March 2024 – Exhibiting in Hall 3, Stand 3DD601 at this year's Seafood Expo Global, MULTIVAC will be showing efficient and sustainable packaging solutions, which improve the shelf life of fish and seafood, and at the same time provide an attractive presentation at the point of sale. In addition to solutions for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs, the focus will also be on handling delicate fish products in a way that is safe and gentle on the product.

Packaging solutions for fish and seafood

Everything on the exhibition stand revolves around the wide range of equipment for handling and packaging fish and seafood. MULTIVAC will therefore be showing MultiFresh™, a process for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs. In addition to packaging machines in a wide range of output categories, MULTIVAC also offers a comprehensive choice of packaging films, which have been developed in conjunction with leading film manufacturers. This ensures that perfect packaging results are achieved, and that attractive and secure packs are produced, even if the products have sharp or hard features such as bones or shells, or if the product protrudes above the tray level.

In Barcelona this packaging concept will be shown in the form of the compact R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine, which will be producing PaperBoard packs, and the fully automatic TX 730 traysealer. One of the main features of the R 105 MF as a stand-alone solution is its small footprint, and it is therefore ideally suited to small businesses in particular, as well as companies that require a high degree of flexibility. The TX 730 on the other hand is a fully automatic traysealer for packing fish and seafood in pre-made trays. This efficient yet compact line on show in Barcelona will be complete with its own L 310 conveyor belt labeller, which applies an attractive full wrap label to the packs.

MULTIVAC will be demonstrating its expertise in automation for the hygienic, safe and gentle handling of delicate fish products, by showing the H 244 handling module, which will be used at the trade fair for loading salmon portions. The portions are picked up gently and precisely by the delta kinematics, before being loaded into the trays.

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