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Always with exactly the right portions

The best portion quality with maximum flexibility and productivity? Always!

Whether meat with or without bone, cheese, vegetables or alternative protein products - TVI portioning solutions deliver precision that pays off.

TVI - The technology leader in portioning

Whether diced, in strips or slices and from thick to thin, TVI portioning machines continue to set new standards in terms of quality, performance and flexibility.

Our reliable systems can be perfectly designed for your specific product. In addition, three-dimensional forming ensures the best cutting and portioning results.

Our portioners' advanced technology is optimized for trim and accurate down to the last gram - even at the highest cutting speed.

The result: your maximum yield in the very best quality!

GMS 400

  • Best quality thanks to a consistent pack shape

  • Flexible 3D product forming

  • Optimum size adjustment to varying products

  • Lateral loading at an ergonomic height

  • Precise portioning in weight and optimized for trim

  • Effortless operation thanks to intuitive menu guidance

  • Rapid product changes without tools

GMS 520

  • Best portioning quality

  • Highest flexibility: without bone, with bone, diced, strips

  • Maximum yield thanks to perfect forming

  • Extreme accuracy

  • Single slice placement or shingling for minimal staffing level in the downstream process

GMS 1600

  • Best quality thanks to consistent forming
  • Flexible 3D forming of the product

  • Optimum size adjustment to varying products

  • Lateral loading at an ergonomic height

  • Precise portioning in weight and optimized for trim

  • Straightforward operation thanks to intuitive menu guidance

  • Rapid product changes without tools

MULTIVAC line solutions

You'll benefit all along the line

MULTIVAC has many years of experience in the development of automated and fully integrated packaging solutions.

Maximum availability for your efficiency

TVI meat portioning systems are multi-functional, can be individually configured and automated anytime, thanks to their shingled and single slice placement.

Our machine and line solutions are easy to load and clean. High throughput speeds with minimal downtime increase your efficiency.

Rapid product and format changes enable minimal conversion times for optimum productivity.

Do you need reliable portion quality and top performance with maximum efficiency? We will be happy to advise you.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

TVI meat portioning machines - the all-rounders with maximum flexibility

For decades we have impressed our customers with our first-class meat portioning. But our passion for precision doesn't stop here! With attention to detail, we offer you a wide range of portioning solutions for your food products in the following areas:

  • Meat with and without bone

  • Ham and sausage products

  • Alternative protein products

  • Halloumi

  • Cob

  • Vegetables

  • Shells

  • Meatloaf

  • And many other products

Irrespective of the individual product, you benefit from trim-free portioning, very high slicing speed, and maximum output with the very best quality.

Your end consumer will value precise portions that enable uniform cooking times and a consistent taste experience from portion to portion. In addition, your company benefits from higher cost calculation reliability thanks to reliable processes. 

Innovative portioning systems from TVI

No give-away and very precise – for maximum yield! The TVI portioning solutions offer top quality in slicing, forming and portioning.


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