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Metal detectors with an eagle's sight

It is best not even to imagine what happens, when a piece of metal in your product leaves the house unnoticed ... MULTIVAC metal detectors are an essential part of a reliable packaging process. Integrated seamlessly in your line, you increase product safety.

More safety for the end consumer thanks to powerful metal detectors

If a metal particle in your product remains undetected and lands at the end customer, this can have unpleasant consequences. Apart from the injury hazard, that would cast a shadow on your business. So that you can rely on the purity of your product, MULTIVAC metal detectors reliably detect even the smallest particles under the most difficult conditions. We analyse your current packaging line and advise you individually. We design the optimum solution with minimum space requirement to suit your inspection task. We place great value on reliability, consistent inspection quality and reproducibility. This is how we guarantee maximum product, pack and process reliability. Low energy consumption and minimal wear contribute to optimum efficiency and a fast return on investment.

I 310

The MULTIVAC I 310 metal detector reliably prevents metallic contamination in the product and it ensures, for example, that IFS standards are met.

I 211

The I 211 checkweigher with integrated metal detector is very space-saving, available in weight ranges from 10 to 6,000 g and functions at up to 90 m/min.

I 221

The two-track I 221 checkweigher with metal detector offers up to 90 m/min and is designed for a high throughput as well as the weight range of 10 - 3,000 g.

Production security and quality control security with metal detectors

Our metal detection systems find any metallic foreign body. Whether it is iron, stainless steel, steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper or brass, MULTIVAC inspection units enable foreign bodies to be detected reliably. Even under the heaviest conditions, the detectors operate accurately and reliably. 

Individuality has the highest priority at MULTIVAC - we can advise you on your individual projects, so that there is optimum integration in your packaging process. Whether it is special combinations with other inspection units such as checkweighers, or the additional ejection of reject packs, we can find the right solution. 

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

This is why MULTIVAC is the right partner for your inspection systems

  • Individuality - we can advise you individually and find the right solution for your line

  • Safety - whether iron, stainless steel, steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, and brass - MULTIVAC metal detectors enable even the smallest foreign objects to be detected reliably.

  • Efficiency – Your staff can work directly with the metal detection systems, since our metal detectors are equipped with a user-friendly user interface. 

  • Cost-effectiveness – High speed with minimal energy consumption and wear contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your system. 

  • Maintaining brand image - protect your brand from loss of trust by minimising the risk of errors and therefore also your risk of product recalls. In this way you will meet the strict compliance requirements.


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