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Inspection - far-reaching and diverse

Every investment in quality assurance is an investment in customer loyalty and, therefore, in a company's success. MULTIVAC offers highly efficient inspection solutions in a wide range of technologies and modules. They are designed for a wide range of inspection tasks to ensure reliability and safety.

Inspection solutions - from simple to highly complex

What type of inspection solution do you need for your quality assurance? Our range of services extends from automatic metal and foreign body detection to weight checking and visual inspection in challenging production and packaging processes. All our units are designed for efficiency and durability, to ensure reliable operation with maximum precision and reproducibility. We will advise you on an individual basis so that you can find the right solution for seamless integration in your production and packaging lines.


Automatic weight checking.
The high-precision MULTIVAC checkweighers ensure that only sufficiently filled packs make their way into the retail chain. Because they are ideally matched to your products and packaging processes, they contribute to consistently high output and pack quality. Accuracy, reliability and comprehensive service make MULTIVAC checkweighers an essential and resilient link in your production chain.

Visual inspection systems

Automatic inspection of labels, printing, and products.
With visual inspection systems from MULTIVAC, you can automatically localize quality defects in the processing and packaging procedures at an early stage. They can check the position and correct legibility and the content of barcodes, or they can ensure no product is in the sealing area—reliability from the start.

X-ray inspection systems

Automatic foreign object detection.
Like all MULTIVAC inspection solutions, our X-ray inspection equipment is designed for maximum output – fast product changes, maximum throughput, and complex inspection tasks are handled with the ultimate precision, efficiency, and repetition accuracy. Naturally, all the units meet the stipulations of national and international standards on food quality, such as HACCP, IFS, and BRC.

Metal detectors

Automatic detection of foreign metal objects.

Increase your product safety and integrate fully automatic MULTIVAC metal detectors seamlessly into your packaging process.

Innovative inspection technology for greater product safety

Our ideally matched modular solutions fit together in a single process - unbeatable for production reliability and packaging safety. This is primarily thanks to our various inspection technologies which eliminate faults alltogether. They can be integrated seamlessly into your packaging process with labelling solutions or expanded with additional functions. We also offer our inspection units to meet a variety of hygiene standards. 

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

This is why MULTIVAC is the right partner for your inspection solutions

  • Integration: MULTIVAC inspection technologies can be modularly integrated into your line and precisely be adapted to your requirements.

  • Technology leader: Our units are the market leaders in inspection technology, and they increase your process and product safety with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

  • Transparency: Your entire packaging process becomes straightforward and easily understandable, making troubleshooting easy. In addition, our solutions can be controlled and operated in a user-friendly manner. 

  • Compliance: With our inspection solutions, you can close critical safety breaches and reduce your risk of product recalls.

  • Cost-effectiveness: In addition to efficient processes and high throughput, our machines and systems are designed for cost-effectiveness. Low operating costs, low maintenance work and space-saving design ensure a fast return on investment (ROI).

Innovative solutions in quality inspection

From the detection of foreign bodies through to weight check and final pack inspection. We meet all legal regulations and set the highest quality standard.

Success stories

Success has a name
The modular conveyor belt labellers of the L 320 series offer the highest level of flexibility and precision in the labelling. Just such a model has recently been put into operation at Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel for labelling the Linola products among others.
The modular conveyor belt labellers of the L 320 series offer the highest level of flexibility and precision in the labelling. Just such a model has recently been put into operation at Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel for labelling the Linola products among others. Learn more


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