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One World. One MULTIVAC.

What's behind our success and the success of our customers? Innovative, cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive product portfolio, and decades of experience and expertise.


What makes the MULTIVAC Group stand out from the rest?

Bundled expertise, innovative, cutting-edge technology and strong brands - all from a single source: MULTIVAC is a supplier of advanced solutions for the processing and packaging of food, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as consumer and industrial products of all types. As a proven technology leader, MULTIVAC is always setting new benchmarks in the world of processing and packaging.


We live and breathe sustainability

Never losing sight of what the market needs and taking responsibility is intrinsic to everything we do. We are deeply committed to acting sustainably - within our company and in our dealings with each other. Sustainable solutions enable us to improve the lives of consumers and society.

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MULTIVAC careers

You too can join us and become part of the MULTIVAC Group

We owe our company's success to our many employees around the world. We are all on this journey together - treading new paths and writing our shared ongoing success story.

Reliable supply is key

We rely greatly on the performance, quality and reliability of our suppliers.

Are you one of our current suppliers, or would you like to become one of them? If so, use our information platform.

MULTIVAC partners

Productive collaboration generates confidence and trust

We work with a network of highly qualified manufacturers. As required, we are ideally positioned to seamlessly integrate an extensive range of modules into our processing and packaging solutions. The extremely high quality standards that we apply to our products and processes also apply to our partner companies.


A leader worldwide

The name MULTIVAC is associated with the highest standards of quality, performance and productivity. Technology, efficiency and reliability are deeply rooted in who we are.