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Automation for your packaging processes

In times of reduced personnel and incereased product demand, more efficiency is required from your processes. However, the productivity of your processing and packaging processes should not be affected by reduced or frequent changes in personnel. MULTIVAC offers a wide product range for automation, constantly expanding to meet your needs.

Automation and robotic systems for growth without the need to increase personnel

MULTIVAC automation solutions increase process efficiency and ensure optimum product flow. They are available in all output categories and various hygiene standards for the following sectors: food, medical, pharmaceutical, as well as industrial and consumer goods. This includes solutions for automated transport, orientation, loading and converging of products, packs and boxes.
The highest levels of output, precision and flexibility guarantees optimum design to meet your requirements.

MULTIVAC automation and robotics can not only be used for new complete line solutions, they can also be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines. 

MCS conveyor systems

Automated infeed and transport for maximum efficiency.

You can rely on MCS! MULTIVAC conveyor systems can be used in many different ways. They safely, economically, and hygienically automate the infeed of products and trays to packaging machines, the infeed of packs to downstream modules, and the removal of boxes.

  • Automatic infeed of products and trays

  • Maximum efficiency and productivity

  • Highest level of efficiency

  • Simple operation, servicing and cleaning

  • High level of flexibility and reliability


Maximum output, precision, and flexibility for your loading tasks

MULTIVAC robotic systems can be used for the automatic handling of products, packs, boxes, or containers. 

  • Automatic handling of products, packs, boxes, and containers
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to intelligent robotic systems
  • Highest level of efficiency
  • Simple operation and long service life
  • High level of flexibility and reliability

Belt Loaders

Slicer transfer, alignment, buffering, and loading - one solution

The MULTIVAC Belt Loader systems range is flexible, space-saving, and offers you a wide range of versions. Whether manual or automatic belt loader systems from MULTIVAC, they are flexible, modular, and an indispensable connecting link between the slicer and packaging machine in an efficient line solution.

  • Manual and automatic belt loaders according to requirements

  • Easy to integrate

  • Flexible, modular, space-saving

  • An essential connecting link between the slicer and packaging machine for maximum efficiency

MULTIVAC Conveyor Systems (MBS)

Our converging systems - reliable, efficient, and easy to integrate.

They merge the output of multi-track packaging systems into one pack track, and they are used to integrate checkweighers in the packaging process and to regulate product flows.

  • Automatic conveyor and converging systems

  • Easy to integrate

  • Basis for the efficient integration of roller trolleys in the packaging line

  • Smooth product flow

  • Maximum availability and reliability

MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder

Optimum converging solution for straight and uniform products.

The MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder is an efficient and gentle converging solution in product infeed. This automation solution is particularly suitable for straight and uniform products like sausages. 

  • Automatic converging and loading for straight and uniform products (e.g., sausages)

  • efficient but also gentle on the product

  • In combination with MULTIVAC inclined conveyors guarantee an enormously accelerated production flow

  • Hygienic design

MPS pack stacker

The MULTIVAC pack stacker (MPS) stacks packages up to 150 mm in height and performs preliminary work for loading into boxes or containers efficiently.

The MULTIVAC MPS pack stacker combines many benefits for you.

  • Extreme flexibility thanks to a minimal space requirement
  • Automatic stacking of packs for seamless loading into boxes and containers

  • Up to 150 packages per minute (depending on the application)

  • Enormous workload and efficiency increase possible

Cost-effectiveness thanks to optimized efficiency

As an integrated solution provider with proven line and automation expertise, we focus not only on the individual modules and process steps, but also on the entire processing and packaging line. Complete integration of automation solutions into the line control ensures a reliable process with maximum precision and reproducibility. This is also the basis for complete documentation, traceability and maximum productivity.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Individual handling solutions for you

Every packaging process is unique. So we can analyze your requirements precisely, whether food, pharmaceuticals, medical products, or industrial or consumer goods.

  • Customization and process integration: Our modular, flexible and scalable automation solutions fit into your existing equipment as modules.

  • Cost savings and a real competitive advantage: You reduce your personnel and operating costs, as repetitive tasks become automated.

  • Process optimization: Our handling solutions improve your throughput times and ensure a more reliable process with maximum precision and reproducibility.

  • Seamless documentation: Thanks to the addition of data collection, faults can be easily tracked and rectified.

  • Highest hygiene requirements: Suitable for food, medical products and pharmaceuticals.

  • Minimum footprint: Can be ideally adjusted to the space available on site.

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