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Flawless labelling for each and every pack

A positive impact at POS is vital to your success. You can label a wide range of pack types and materials on MULTIVAC labellers, which you can fully integrate into your line or use as a stand-alone solution, all with perfect print quality. Cost-effectiveness guaranteed.

Seamlessly integrated - labelling and marking solutions with added value    

Yes, this is one of the key benefits of our labelling and marking solutions. The marking module fits precisely into your packaging line, and can be controlled centrally via the HMI. The MULTIVAC range of solutions is designed for the most common packaging formats and materials, and to perfectly match your specific requirements. Our labelling systems generate excellent results on various pack contours - independently of format or material.      

A wide selection of labelling and marking solutions

MULTIVAC labelling and marking solutions are suitable for a multitude of pack shapes and types. The highest level of flexibility is of real benefit to you: product handling, label positioning, printing and inspection - always flawless and reliable. Our labelling and marking solutions can be seamlessly integrated into filling or packaging lines. They can also be used as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed. You'll benefit from modular design. Our portfolio is ideally suited to a comprehensive range of labelling tasks, both technically and economically. 

Labelling bottles, glasses, pots and cans

  • Wrap-around labelling
  • Front and back labelling
  • Top and bottom labelling
  • Application of sealing labels

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Flexible and individually configurable

The appeal and quality of the labelling on your products are decisive. This is especially notable when labelling round packs, which calls for a high degree of flexibility. MULTIVAC labelling and marking solutions stand out with their precise spacing, guidance and product alignment. All to make sure that every label sits exactly where it should.     

  • Performing a variety of tasks, including printing and inspection
  • Maximum labelling speed through the use of servo technology

Labelling bottles

Labelling glasses

Labelling pots & jars

Labelling round, oval and square trays

  • Top and bottom labelling
  • Labelling over the edges
  • Tamper evidence

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Flexible labelling of different tray formats

Whatever your tray formats, we can ensure flexibility when labelling. take advantage of our wide range of options to perform various tasks, including printing and inspection.

  • Labelling on one or more sides

  • Application of sealing labels

  • Maximum labelling speed through the use of servo technology

Labelling round trays

Labelling oval trays

Labelling square-cornered trays

Labelling cartons and boxes

  • Labelling over the edges
  • Top and bottom labelling
  • Labelling the side surfaces


Labelling and marking solutions with added value

A robust solution for labelling and marking cartons and boxes

There is space available for labelling on all six sides of cartons. MULTIVAC labelling and marking solutions enable you to make use of each of these sides to convey your product and brand information.

  • Performing a variety of tasks, including printing and inspection
  • Robust and low-maintenance labelling solution for more efficiency

Labelling cartons & boxes

Labelling folded paper products

  • Leaflets
  • Self-mailers
  • Outserts

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Can be individually configured for all standard folding machines and printed products

The option of sealing the open edges of folded paper products is frequently used with pack leaflets. We can solve many other applications and meet your specific needs with our labelling and marking systems. You'll benefit from a wide range of equipment options and additional functions, such as label presence check, line integration and sorting units.

  • Labelling up to 12,000 products per hour
  • Optimum integration into the production line
  • High availability thanks to virtually maintenance-free solutions

Labelling thermoformed packs

  • Top/bottom labelling directly in the thermoforming packaging machine
  • Labelling multiple packs
  • Flexible labelling of finished packs, even 2-track
  • Labelling flat packs of sliced products
  • Application of promotional labels on or into the base of skin packs

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Solutions that can be individually configured for thermoformed packs

MULTIVAC labelling and marking options are just as diverse as the wide range of thermoformed packs on the market. We have the ideal solution for your specific challenge, such as

  • Cross-web labellers for labelling on the thermoforming packaging machine
  • Labelling on one- or two-track conveyor belt labellers
  • Labellers with exceptional product guides, such as for flat packs of sliced products

Labelling film pouches

  • Labelling in the flowpacker
  • Application of reclosable labels
  • Labelling film pouches on a transport conveyor

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Always the right solution for your specific packaging process

We offer you flexible labelling solutions so that you can meet all the requirements of your packs in the most ideal and efficient way possible. Feel free to contact us for a consultation with our MULTIVAC packaging experts.

  • Integration into vertical and horizontal flowpackers with a high degree of connectivity to diverse control environments
  • Labelling of flowpacks on a compact transport conveyor with a small footprint
  • Servo motor technology for maximum speed and optimized to guarantee accuracy of the labelling process

Labelling horizontal cylindrical products

  • Wrap-around labelling of sausages, flowpacks or tablet tubes

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Simple, precise and reliable

Wraparound labelling horizontal and cylindrical products, such as sausages or flowpacks calls for experience and know-how. MULTIVAC works with a reliable solution to ensure the labels securely adhere to the intended position.

  • Robust, driven roller conveyor
  • Manual product infeed at right angles to the transport direction
  • Reliable and precise labelling thanks to the roll-on belt

Labelling and marking solutions with added value

Full wrap labelling encloses the pack

Explore a wide range of design possibilities with full wrap labelling. The wrap-around labelling of the package increases appeal at POS.


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