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So that everything fits together perfectly

MULTIVAC offers the complete range of labelling technology, labels and printer consumable materials from one source. This enables us to ensure all the materials, which are used in the packaging and marking process, are perfectly matched to each other and always available.

This is what MULTIVAC printer consumable material can do for you

We supply the most suitable printer consumable materials of the highest quality so that all the components you require in the labelling process are ideally matched to each other. Thanks to the expert advice of experienced MULTIVAC specialists, we can guarantee perfect printing results – tailored to your specific customer requirements and ambient conditions. Our extensive product portfolio includes consumable materials for numerous printing units and types of printers, for example, our MULTIVAC TTO and MULTIVAC TIJ printers as well as many printers from other manufacturers.

MULTIVAC printer consumables combine many benefits for you:

A wide portfolio and customization

  • Wide selection of consumables for different printers and types, specific areas of application, and to meet your specific requirements

Consultancy and service

  • Expert advice to meet individual customer requirements in accordance with legal regulations

  • Complementary services such as printing tests to customer specifications

Increased efficiency through coordination

  • An increase in overall efficiency thanks to the ideal matching of consumables to individual types of printers, for example, by optimizing the overall length of thermal transfer ribbons

Consumables for thermal transfer printers

Our product portfolio contains a wide variety of suitable consumables for MULTIVAC TTO printers and a large number of thermal transfer printers from other manufacturers. Our extensive product portfolio guarantees perfect printing results, even with challenging production environments and the most demanding requirements.

High level of flexibility with optimum printing results

Consumable materials for thermal transfer printers

We offer you a wide range of suitable consumable materials for MULTIVAC TTO printers or for a large number of thermal transfer printers from other manufacturers. Our selection of thermal transfer ribbons, thermal printheads and cleaning swabs ensures perfect printing results even for challenging requirements and production environments. Expert advice from experienced MULTIVAC specialists ensures that your individual requirements of print quality, speed and temperature resistance are met reliably.

  • Highest level of quality and safety: MULTIVAC delivers consumable materials of excellent quality and ensures that the systems and materials used fit together. In this way you achieve the optimum printing results and prevent downtime.

  • Flexible in their use: MULTIVAC thermal transfer ribbons can be used in numerous sectors. All grades are ISEGA certified, so that they are safe for use in the food sector.

  • The right material for every substrate: MULTIVAC offers thermal transfer ribbons in various grades, which differ in their proportion of wax and resin. On request, we can carry out tests with your packaging to determine the optimum quality.

  • Perfect matching to MULTIVAC TTO printers: For maximum efficiency, the design and running length of the ribbon rolls are perfectly matched to the characteristics of our MULTIVAC TTO printers. The use of MULTIVAC thermal printheads enables you to achieve the highest print quality.

Consumables for inkjet printers

In addition to the MULTIVAC TIJ printers and a variety of other TIJ and CIJ printers from other manufacturers, we also supply suitable print cartridges, inks and solvents.

Reliable quality and food safety

Consumable material for inkjet printers

We supply print cartridges, inks and solvents, which are just as suitable for MULTIVAC TIJ printers as well as TIJ and CIJ printers from other manufacturers. The solvent- and water-based inks cover a wide range of applications. They are for example suitable for print media such as film labels, plastic films and medical paper. As part of our consultancy work, we ensure the legal requirements and compliance for food packaging are met.

  • Suitable consumable material for the application: The available inks and solvents cover a wide range of applications, and they are intended for example for film labels or medical paper.

  • Ensuring legal requirements: The consumable materials are designed for use on food packaging.

  • Everything from one source: We offer you a wide selection of consumable materials at fair terms - both for our own MULTIVAC printers and a wide range of third-party printers.

Consumables for further printing units

MULTIVAC supports other printing units and a large number of printer types with suitable consumable materials, such as for example digital printers, stamp printers and hot foil technology.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Consumable material for further printing units

MULTIVAC supports other printing techniques and printer types, such as for example digital printers, stamp printers and hot foil technology, with the appropriate consumable material. We also supply our consumable materials for numerous types of printers from other manufacturers. You have a large selection of cleansers, type, numbering units and hot embossing films, which are already included in our product range. Do you have individual requirements for us? We respond flexibly and expand our product portfolio for you.

  • Support for various printing techniques and types of printers from other manufacturers

  • large selection of complementary consumable materials

  • Expanding our product portfolio at your request

Reliable labelling and marking solutions with complementary services

Printers are small but essential components of packaging lines. Without these labellers, the required product markings, such as batch numbers and best-before dates, would be missing. We are happy to carry out printing tests in advance so that the optimum marking and perfect printing results are always assured. If things are not running smoothly during production, the MULTIVAC Exchange Service can support you quickly and flexibly.


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