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High-precision slicers for maximum yield

Thanks to innovative technology, we can deliver high levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness along with outstanding slicing results. The high-performance slicing solutions from MULTIVAC are top-class in every respect. Our innovative slicing systems are impressive in their excellent results at maximum output with improved yield and reduced give-away.

One portion is as precise as the other - and this is what consumers expect from their meat, sausage and cheese products. In addition, MULTIVAC offers highly sophisticated slicers, which can be integrated seamlessly into your line solution and deliver perfect results, even for the most complex applications.

Always performing better..

The future of slicing: With the new SLX generation.

The new and advanced generation of MULTIVAC slicers – state-of-the-art and designed using our proven expertise in integrated processing and packaging solutions. Separating the machines into different slicer series enables perfect solutions in terms of performance, flexibility, footprint and functionality.

Forward-thinking MULTIVAC customers can expect excellent slicing quality even at warmer product temperatures, perfect slicing and portioning results and simple, intuitive operation thanks to the latest IPC control with HMI 3. MULTIVAC Smart Services monitors, controls and optimises processes in real time, which simplifies production sequences.

Short set-up times and rapid conversion, as well as excellent access to the machine for easy maintenance and cleaning, guarantee a high level of machine availability. The machines can be used both as stand-alone units and integrated with MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) in fully automatic slicing and packaging lines. Ideal for ensuring particularly efficient machine and system operation.

Highest level of precision for the best slicing results

MULTIVAC slicers stand out with their reliable precision and high level of flexibility for quick product and format changes.

The slicing quality remains constant, both with challenging consistencies or complex products. Our range of high-quality slicers offers outstanding slicing results for your sausage and meat products, ham, cheese, and even alternative protein products.

Our focus is always on your product. Together, we will find the right solution to present your products attractively and maximize your output with optimized portions.

MULTIVAC slicers are also perfectly designed for integration into our line concepts. Thanks to the seamless processing and packaging, your product's quality and taste are fully protected. The shelf life increases for your consumers and the positive experience with your product remains constant right through to the very last portion. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to meeting your requirements.

Highest-quality slicers

  • we claim to offer the highest slicing quality while placing the utmost importance on product processing
  • the right slicer model for every performance requirement
  • simple and ergonomic operation
  • minimised personnel deployment
  • simple, clean
  • MULTIVAC Hygienic DesignTM enables fast and reliable cleaning

Performance in portioning

The innovative MULTIVAC slicers are extremely impressive with their perfect slicing results within an extensive temperature range. When changing products, your personnel can efficiently complete the quick set-up and conversion. MULTIVAC slicers offer the maximum slicing speed for maximum output with the very best quality.

Performance Series

Maximum functionality and efficiency.

The Performances Series slicers combine state-of-the-art, advanced slicing technology, which is supported by MULTIVAC's recognised expertise in integrated processing and packaging solutions for the high-output segment - all from a single source. 


  • Outstanding cutting functions with perfect slicing and portioning results even at warmer product temperatures
  • High availability thanks to tool-free quick-change functions for product-specific components
  • Open design enables excellent accessibility and therefore ease of maintenance as well as short cleaning cycles
  • Extensive variety of functions offers maximum possibilities – with maximum yield and minimum give-away

Advanced Series

Maximum flexibility and simples operation.

The Advanced Series slicers are characterised by maximum versatility. A variety of applications, fluctuating batch sizes, the choice of different inserting solutions and packaging machines: the possibilities are almost endless. At the same time, medium to high output quantities can be achieved and can grow with the requirements. Simple handling and operation round off the concept of this class.


  • Multivac's usual uncompromising cutting quality
  • Benchmark in availability thanks to minimum set-up times for product-specific components, quick changeover options, ease of maintenance and short cleaning cycles thanks to excellent accessibility
  • Manual and/or automatic product loading
  • Simple portion transport conveyor or high-performance portioning unit

Professional Series

Start simply, grow quickly.

With the Professional Series, Multivac offers entry-level models for craft businesses and industrial slicing production for small quantities and batches. Minimal footprint, reliable cutting results, great possibilities. Even our smallest slicers increase the output of your products compared to semi-automatic slicers – and can grow and adapt to your needs.


  • simple operation and accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • manual product loading
  • optional checkweigher, rocker and interleaver
  • fully automatic line solutions with compact packaging machines

MULTIVAC slicers

S 800

Our MULTIVAC S 800 slicer enables fast and reliable production throughputs with maximized yield.

  • Up to 850 cuts per minute
  • Designed for single or multiple tracks
  • Quick format and product changes
  • Maximum flexibility

MULTIVAC slicers

S 1600

Our MULTIVAC S 1600 slicer offers you the same footprint and functions as the S 800 at a higher slicing speed. 

  • Up to 1,580 cuts per minute
  • Designed for single or multiple tracks
  • Quick format and product changes
  • Maximum flexibility

MULTIVAC slicers bring together many benefits:

Precision, quality and speed

  • Optimum cutting results within a large temperature window

  • Rapid product changes thanks to simple, rapid set-up or conversion

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ enables fast and reliable cleaning

  • Ergonomic and reliable operation for optimum process sequences

  • Track-centered loading ensures that the product is aligned precisely, irrespective of tolerance - for maximum slicing speed and quality

  • Change of cutter's arms and all conveyors without tools

Maximizing efficiency and productivity

  • Quick-change systems, such as the MULTIVAC gripper, accelerate and facilitate the conversion of MULTIVAC slicers to different products and formats - time-consuming adjustment and tightening are no longer required

  • Variable number of tracks: MULTIVAC slicers can be designed for 1 to 8 tracks - simultaneous slicing of several products at a matched blade speed achieves a higher throughput

  • Smaller end pieces contribute to higher yield

  • GS certification mark of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

Efficient slicer line equipment

  • Individually configured slicing line for maximum productivity

  • Quick product and format change for a high level of availability

  • Weight-optimized portions and slices for maximum yield

  • Seamless line solutions from infeed, portioning, and packaging for fast processing and long shelf life for your products

Slicer line equipment for maximum productivity

We offer the right inline equipment for every sliced product application. So that you can achieve perfect slicing results and maximum yield for your production. The MULTIVAC product measuring system determines the distribution of the product volume so that the required slice thickness can be calculated precisely and the target weight can be achieved. In weight-optimized slicing, it is necessary to capture the exact portion weights. This is done via the checkweigher, which precisely transmits the weight to the slicer control. Their portioning processes run seamlessly, cleanly and consistently for maximum availability - even at high production volumes.

MULTIVAC Slicing Line Equipment

VS product measuring system

Thanks to our product measuring system, even naturally formed products such as raw ham, bacon and cheese can be portioned with precise weights, while minimizing giveaway.

Benefits of the MULTIVAC VS product measuring system

  • Determines the distribution of the product volume before the cutting process

  • Precise calculation of the target weight for the optimum slice thickness

  • Measured results independently of the track for each product

  • Even naturally formed products such as raw ham, bacon and cheese can be portioned with precise weights, while minimizing giveaway

MULTIVAC Slicing Line Equipment

CW checkweigher

One of the essential prerequisites for slicing with optimum weight control is capturing the exact portion weights. This is used to comply with legal weight requirements and to minimize giveaway. The checkweigher determines the precise weight of each portion and transmits this information to the slicer's machine control, allowing the portion weights to be optimized continuously.

If a combination checkweigher is used, multi-track applications do not require conversion.

Benefits of the MULTIVAC CW checkweigher

  • Precise determination of the weight of each portion and transmission to the slicer's machine control so that weights are optimized

  • Capturing the exact portion weights is the prerequisite for slicing and minimizing giveaways with optimum weight control

  • Complying with legal weight requirements

  • Selection of an extensive range of possible combinations of weigher and rocker (from a single weigher with a single rocker to a quadruple weigher with a single or quadruple rocker)

MULTIVAC Slicing Line Equipment

RO rocker

The rocker, following the checkweigher, ejects portions detected with incorrect weight out of the product flow by deflection of the particular rocker conveyor. This can be done in different positions: facing downwards into a container and upwards onto a correction track, which transports the portions for correction to the loading position of the packaging machine.

The following combinations are possible:

  • Single weigher with single rocker

  • Double weigher with single or double rocker

  • Triple weigher with single or triple rocker

  • Quadruple weigher with single or quadruple rocker

  • Combination checkweigher, double and triple, with single or triple rocker

  • Combination checkweigher, triple and quadruple, with single or quadruple rocker


Advantages of the MULTIVAC RO rocker

  • Precise determination of the weight of individual portions and transmission to the slicer#s machine control so that weights are optimized

  • Capturing the exact portion weights is the prerequisite for slicing and minimizing giveaways with optimum weight control

  • Complying with legal weight requirements

  • Selection of an extensive range of possible combinations of weigher and rocker (from a single weigher with a single rocker to a quadruple weigher with a single or quadruple rocker)

MULTIVAC Slicing Line Equipment

DT die changing trolley

The die changing trolley offers many possibilities for storing and cleaning machine components that come into contact with the product, such as transport belts, grippers and cutting frames. The die changing trolley is mobile and can be used with lockable castors. The space required corresponds to that of a euro pallet.

Benefits of the MULTIVAC DT die changing trolley

  • Many possibilities for storing and cleaning machine components that come into contact with the product, such as transport belts, grippers and cutting frames

  • Mobile and with lockable castors

  • Space requirement corresponds to that of a euro pallet

Quality of involute blade & knife maintenance

  • Robust involute blade for the highest level of precision

  • Complete flexibility with smooth cutting with different toothed edges

  • Increase in durability with dedicated knife maintenance

The finest knife technology and the best care

Reliable components with precise and durable blades are at the heart of our slicers. In addition, a "gentle cut" ensures that the product is sliced smoothly, in a controlled way and with minimum pressure. This means that food, especially meat and cheese products, can be sliced exceptionally precisely, and the slicing action is very gentle on the product.

The MULTIVAC portfolio offers you a wide range of involute blades - smooth and with different toothed features. This enables the product to be matched perfectly to the particular product. The highest quality options for blade maintenance extend the lifespan of the blades for consistent quality - while minimizing overall costs.

MULTIVAC solutions for the maintenance of slicer systems

GM 600 blade grinding machine

  • Gentle grinding and sharpening with little material removal thanks to two driven grinding discs

  • Program control for precise and reproducible results

  • Water cooling for fast and gentle grinding and sharpening


We take care of what is at the heart of your slicer! With the GM 600 blade grinding machine, you can protect the durability of your blades for the long-term economic operation of your slicers.


HM 600 honing machine

  • Gentle honing with low material removal thanks to a driven sharpening disc and a rotating sharpening disc

  • Reliable mechanical contour tracking

  • Individually selectable number of honing cycles, which are carried out automatically

  • Water cooling for quick and gentle sharpening


Gentle honing for consistent precision! With the HM 600 honing machine, you can keep the knives of your slicers beautifully sharp, ensuring consistent premium quality in the cutting result.

Cost-effectiveness thanks to high-level efficiency

Cleaning and servicing our slicers can be performed simply and efficiently. This enables quick set-up and conversion times, which increases the effective running time of your production.

Our slicers are easy to operate. Thanks to line integration, you can maximize the automation of your processes without increasing your personnel. Line-integrated MULTIVAC slicers, therefore, enable maximum high speeds to be achieved for the highest possible output - even at the highest production volumes.

Optimized throughput and a high level of availability, as well as rapid product changes, contribute significantly to reduced overall costs and the cost-effectiveness of your overall process.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Our Sustainable Liquid Interleaver contributes to sustainability

Plastic or paper interleaver films between the slices are now a thing of the past. Today, MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving ensures that the end user can easily take the individual slices out of the pack without sticking. The operating principle is quite ingenious and perfectly tailored to the particular product characteristics: a liquid food release spray is applied evenly via atomizing nozzles to the underside of the slices so that their adhesion is reduced. Show your environmental awareness and actively reduce waste with this material-saving solution.

  • They reduce waste and avoid microplastics

  • When refilling the machine, there is a time saving of 95 percent

  • You benefit from a cost advantage of 85 percent with the food release agent

  • Your slicer blades have a longer service life

  • They require less storage space

  • The inter-separating medium is odorless and neutral in taste, also available in organic quality

Slicing demonstration of MULTIVAC slicing equipment

Whether for your original product or a comparable alternative product, whether live on-site in Wolfertschwenden or digitally via video, our application specialists will be pleased to advise you.

Perfect slicing results for cheese and sausage

Enhance your appeal at POS with portion design! The MULTIVAC slicers' portioning system will precisely solve a wide range of portioning tasks.


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