Now we are shaping the future even more successfully: under a single brand and with a new look.

In March 2023, we brought together the expertise of MULTIVAC, FRITSCH and TVI even more strongly and memorably within a new brand world.

Welcome to the MULTIVAC Group.

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Innovative packaging solutions for fresh meat, sausage and deli meats, alternative proteins, poultry, cheese and snacks – reliably processed and packaged with MULTIVAC.

Medical products

MULTIVAC packaging solutions for sterile medical products ensure reliable, reproducible and traceable processes.

Pharmaceutical products

MULTIVAC offers solutions for the flexible packaging of syringes, vials, ampoules, auto injectors, active stents, pens and many other pharmaceutical products.

Industrial and consumer products

MULTIVAC packaging for industrial and consumer products is produced on sustainable, customized packaging machines and lines.

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MULTIVAC solutions ensure maximum reliability for all your processing and packaging operations.



We at MULTIVAC build on the expertise, passion, creativity and daring of our thousands of employees around the world. We have long known that we owe the success of our company to their dedication. We value them beyond measure - as individuals and as our most important investment in the future. Join us and become part of the MULTIVAC Group!


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MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of machines and lines designed and built for the processing, slicing, labelling, inspection and packaging of a comprehensive range of sensitive products.


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