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The new dimension in slicing

25. 04.2023

Product launch: SLX 2000 

Wolfertschwenden, 25 April 2023 - The SLX 2000 is the first of a new pioneering generation of MULTIVAC slicers. This high-output slicer, which sets a new benchmark in the market on many levels, will be shown to the public for the first time at interpack in Düsseldorf (Hall 5, Stand A23).


Sustainability: Outstanding slicing results and peak performance

The high-output SLX 2000 slicer, which can be designed for up to four tracks, achieves an exceptionally high slicing speed whatever the product. Sausage, ham, cheese and vegan products with a maximum length of up to 1,600 mm can be gently and perfectly sliced, even at warmer temperatures, and the product slices are then deposited on the portioning system in the predefined arrangement pattern. Sophisticated technology ensures that the products are fed into the slicer very consistently, and that the slicing results are perfect with minimal trim and give-away.

Another plus point: Customers can use innovative developments, such as the MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaver (SLI) for plastic-free slicing, instead of the conventional interleaving film, and this further reduces the consumption of plastics during packing.


Maximum process reliability and intuitive operating convenience

The SLX 2000 can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a module within a fully automatic slicing and packaging line. The seamless integration of the slicer into the MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) ensures that the machine and line are operated particularly efficiently, and this includes start-up, stopping, no-load operation and recipe change throughout the line. Downtime during recipe or format change is reduced to the absolute minimum necessary. The IPC control with its HMI 3 terminal also simplifies the operation and reduces potential operating errors, as well as ensuring that reliable and reproducible processes are achieved.

As a future-proof model of the latest generation, the new slicer is also laid out for use with MULTIVAC Smart Services, and these allow the slicing process to be monitored, controlled and optimised in real time. And last but not least, the SLX 2000 also allows remote service via MULTIVAC Remote Assistance to be used (VPN and live support).


Maximum flexibility, high level of availability and MULTIVAC Hygiene Design

Short set-up times and rapid conversion, as well as full access to the machine for easy maintenance and cleaning, guarantee a high level of availability in everyday production. Since the SLX 2000 is designed in the MULTIVAC Hygiene Design, it meets the highest hygiene requirements for the food industry. 

Loading, slicing, portion feeding, packaging and labelling of sliced products - everything from one source

The SLX 2000 is the starting point for the line, which can be seen in demo operation on MULTIVAC's main stand at interpack in Düsseldorf. Operating in conjunction with the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine and other components from MULTIVAC, the slicer forms a line concept, which features high output, pack quality, process reliability and operating convenience, as well as future-proofing and digitalisation.

The product logs are automatically transported into the slicer, where they are secured by the product grippers, before being fed into the cutting chamber. A very flexible slicing process enables a wide range of portion sizes and shapes to be produced, which are fed over a checkweigher, where any incorrect weights are ejected via the downstream rocker. Running over a horizontally designed automatic belt loader, the correct portions are buffered and arranged according to the format of the packaging machine, before being loaded into the pack cavities in synchronisation with the advance of the RX 4.0. “This enables us to achieve an extremely high level of loading accuracy, thanks to the consistent product flow and a perfectly coordinated line concept, where the loading and slicing are precisely centred on the tracks,” explains Julian Rieblinger, Product Manager for the Slicing Business Unit at MULTIVAC.

The packs are subsequently sealed under modified atmosphere (MAP), before being cut into individual packs and discharged from the packaging machine. The DP 230 direct web printer, which is located at the upper web infeed and equipped with a high-performance TTO 30 thermal transfer printer, is used to print variable data on the packs. In addition to printing the best-before date on the upper web, it is also possible to apply a label automatically to the upper and lower webs.

The packaging material to be used at the trade fair is a recyclable rigid film made from mono APET as the lower web. The upper web is a sustainable, recyclable flexible film made of PET.


Cost-effective, efficient and sustainable at the same time

“We are clearly pointing the way forward in packaging and processing, particularly with this thermoforming packaging line,” says Julian Rieblinger, coming straight to the point. “The SLX 2000/RX 4.0 combination is currently the most flexible line of this output class in the market, and one that can also be converted most rapidly. And this performance is not at the expense of quality. On the contrary: When designing the slicer, our focus was always primarily on transporting and loading the portions gently despite the high output. After all, we are processing food products, where the ecological footprint is far higher than the footprint of the packaging.”

The new slicer can also be seen in live operation at interpack on the open-air site in front of Hall 4.

The new dimension in slicing

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