Hosted by our team of experts, The MULTIVAC Podcast UK aims to provide producers and manufacturers within the food industry with answers to their most asked questions.

Series 1: The Right Pack & Better Processing

The first series of The MULTIVAC Podcast saw discussions on recycle week, sustainability in the packaging industry and OPRL. Host, Elliot Chrisp, and the team help listeners to understand these topics, and answer questions to help them learn more about making changes to support them.

We also dove into the world of alternative proteins with a special episode for Veganuary, where we were joined by guest speaker Philip Pearce, from Green Rocket Café in Bath. Philip and the team taste tested the most popular vegan products on supermarket shelves and answered the question everyone wants to know: are meat alternatives really the better option?

Series 2: Navigating Sustainability – COMING SOON!

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