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Compact traysealing packaging machine provides impressive upgrade for home grown family farm business

MULTIVAC UK recently supplied home grown family business, Millets Farm, with a compact, entry-level traysealing packaging machine which resulted in better quality packs, more reliability and better after sales support.

Run by the Carter family since 1952, Millets Farm have over 500 acres of farmland in Frilford, Oxfordshire, and are committed to their farming heritage and growing their own fruits and vegetables. Now, over 70 years since they first started, two generations of the family manage the farm centre and provide fresh produce, delicious food in their farmhouse kitchen, and a popular destination for a family day out.

Improving pack presentation and product safety

Good quality food deserves good quality packaging, and it’s safe to say that Millets Farm have created a reputation for producing high quality products.

The wide variety of meat products that Millets Farm offer on their butchery counter means that the business needs to maintain a high level of pack presentation and protection of their products, something that their former traysealing solution lacked.

Prior to the install of their MULTIVAC solution Millets Farm were using a traysealer from an alternative supplier, which had over time become unreliable, had a poor sealing quality and, due to its age, eventually left them with no option but to find a replacement. In the interim period, Millets Farm chose to hand wrap their products with cling film, although it soon became clear that this solution was neither efficienct or as effective as they needed it to be. 

In a bid to find a new traysealing machine, Millets Farm approached MULTIVAC UK for expert advice and, with the help of Regional Sales Representative for Central, Luke Gowen, the T205 Traysealing packaging machine was selected to upgrade their packaging process.

Benefits of a compact packaging machine

When it comes to the quality of products, manufacturers know no compromises. MULTIVAC’s semi-automatic traysealers are ideal for producing MAP and vacuum skin packs in small and medium-sized batches, and can offer manufacturers a high level of flexibility. 

The T205 is a freestanding, semi-automatic unit with a multi-functional die design, which allows the machine to be adapted flexibly to the desired output and pack requirements. With the standard configurations and pre-defined basic formats of the T205, Millets Farm are now able to pack around 8 packs per minute easily and efficiently. This now gives the opportunity to present high quality traysealed packs with clear film and a high oxygen modified atmosphere, also aiding in keeping products fresher for longer.

The introduction of the new, easy-to-use packaging process has allowed the business to reduce reliance on manual labour, allowing staff to spend more time customer facing.

With the knowledge that MULTIVAC is known for its superior build quality, and professional comprehensive after-sales and support service, Millets Farm felt they were in good hands after the unreliable service they had previously encountered.

Smooth installation and world-class aftersales service

MULTIVAC worked closely with Millets Farm to ensure a smooth installation of their new machine with no disruption caused to their normal working schedule. Traysealing Product Manager, Matt Taylor, visited the site regularly during initial installation to give on sit training and demonstrate both the machine and after-sales capabilities.

Declan Clark, Operations Manager at Millets Farm added, “We’ve been very impressed with the expertise and professionalism of MULTIVAC, from sales right through to installation and support. The machine itself absolutely lives up to expectation and is clearly a well designed, robust piece of kit. We look forward to working with MULTIVAC in the future as our food production expands.”

Millets Farm can now benefit from the comprehensive and sophisticated support provided by MULTIVAC UK’s Technical Service department to ensure the maximum availability and efficiency of their new traysealing machine, with access to the support of over 60 field service technicials as well as the technical help desk, all of which are free to use. 



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