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Bakery products - just as fresh as straight from the bakery

Something special arises when masters of their craft are committed with passion soul. It's no different when it comes to designing equipment for the bakery sector: Those who work with tremendous enthusiasm achieve the best results and products. FRITSCH shares a passion for dough and bakery products.

From sheeting machines to industrial-scale production lines: FRITSCH bakery equipment can master the entire process from dough sheet production to its processing.

Cutting-edge technology for first-class bakery products

One of our partner FRITSCH's greatest strengths lies in configuring tailor-made solutions for our customers. We approach your requirements in a targeted way and equip you with the most suitable machines and equipment depending on the size of your company. Our solutions range from dough sheeting machines for artisan bakers to highly flexible high-output lines for pastries and bread specialties - all with maximum throughput.

Artisan bBakeries and industrial-scale businesses benefit from our durable machines, and production and packaging lines. The highest output and maximum process reliability are just as convincing arguments as the low downtimes. 

We are happy to share our passion for the baking industry with you. Excellence means that the machines match the dough, not the other way around. Thanks to the synergies of their experience and expertise, FRITSCH and MULTIVAC ensure that outstanding results are achieved. And all this with real sustainability in mind.

Bakery technology for artisan production and semi-automatic manufacturing

From the sheeting machine to a compact pastry line, even small bakeries benefit from our machines' automation and ease of operation. Thanks to their space-saving dimensions, they are ideal even for the smallest businesses and offer a high degree of flexibility when producing a wide range of products.


The manual dough sheeting machine with foot control


The computer-controlled dough sheeting machine


The high-performance sheeting machine for thin dough


  • VARIOCUT S 700 and VARIOCUT M 700
  • Slicer for all doughs
  • For the highest level of flexibility



  • The compact pastry line
  • For an extensive range of pastry products


  • The high-performance pastry line
  • To meet the highest demands in quality, throughput and flexibility


  • The croissant machine for rolled product variety
  • Highest quality within small space requirements


  • The bakery machine for the highest level of diversity
  • With a punch-turn process that is gentle on dough

Systems for fully automatic production

When bakery products are produced on an industrial scale, there are three things above all which are crucial: high throughput, consistently high product quality, and a high level of equipment availability. For this reason, these criteria are at the forefront of manufacturing and developing our lines for the bakery industry.


  • The bread line for industrial-scale bread production
  • Highest level of flexibility for a wide range of products


  • The industrial flatbread and pizza line
  • Gentle dough processing for a maximum shape accuracy

IMPRESSA croissant

  • The high-output line for all wound bakery products
  • Punching and turning in one step for a high weight, shape and layer accuracy

Other IMPRESSA lines

Discover the full range of industrial-scale FRITSCH lines here.

Know-how at first hand

FRITSCH World of Bakery

With the 4,600 m² World of Bakery, FRITSCH has created an ideal venue for its customers to test and develop machines as well as new recipes and creations in a completely equipped bakery.

 FOS: FRITSCH Operating System

FRITSCH's intuitive and performance-related machine control lets you simply and intuitively control our equipment. It is operated via a large touch display. This enables FOS to offer a clear and structured overview of individual line components.

You benefit from advanced innovation with MULTIVAC

Digitalization at Inter Europol: FRITSCH Smart Production opens up groundbreaking solutions to meet your challenges

What is the result when FRITSCH closely listens to its customers in larger, medium-sized and industrial-scale companies in the bakery industry?

This is exactly what their production and shift supervisor were looking for: The FRITSCH SPIs (Smart Production Insights), which bring together the most rapid and precise overview of their lines' most important performance data. The first step in digitalized production of delicious bakery products.

"This enables us to analyze and compare the performance of the shifts with each other. It shows us where we can go when improvements are being made," Rüdiger Stollmeier, Inter Europol.

Together with FRITSCH, we always strive for innovative solutions based on the latest technology. We know what our bakers want and need. The constant exchange of information not only creates trust but also provides deep insight into the challenges that need to be overcome in dough processing and the art of baking.

FRITSCH Smart Production Insights enables you to make perfect use of the opportunities offered by digitalization: you gain a quick and precise overview of your line's most important performance data. We offer you the following:

  • Consulting: Together, we analyze your process, discover unused potential and increase your efficiency.
  • Transparency: You can analyze the output of the shifts and compare them so that optimizations can be achieved.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Digitalization gives you a clear view of the entire production and packaging process. As well as costs. 
  • Future-proof: Forward-looking technologies make your baking and packaging processes future-proof.

Dough processing for every size of company

As a MULTIVAC partner, FRITSCH offers flexible dough processing solutions for a wide variety of bakery products. And for every size of company.

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