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Thermoformable films

MULTIVAC thermoformable films | A wide range of polymers, thicknesses, qualities and colors - perfect for producing vacuum, MAP and vacuum skin packs.

This is what thermoformable films can do for you

Efficient and process reliable

MULTIVAC offers you an extensive range of thermoformable films for vacuum, MAP, or vacuum skin packs specially designed for your products and their running characteristics. Thanks to the unique interaction of packaging machines and materials, packs of groundbreaking quality and perfection are produced with high output and process reliability.

Tailor-made materials

To achieve the optimum packaging result, our range of thermoformable films includes materials made from many different polymers with a wide spectrum of grades, thicknesses, and colors, as well as barrier and sealing properties.

Thermoforming films

Technical specifications

Thicknesses: 100μ - 350μ (flexible films), 200μ - 1,100μ (rigid films)

Barrier properties: with/without high barrier

Sealing media: PE, PP, PET, etc.

Colour: Transparent, coloured

MULTIVAC machine range for thermoforming films

Suitable machine portfolio


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