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Perfection in non-stop printing mode

Do you insist on the last print of a series being just as perfect as the first? Of course you do. MULTIVAC printer solutions enable flexible data, text and barcodes to be printed perfectly on the upper web in non-stop mode. Reproducibility is as important as efficiency – and we make sure you benefit from both.

Flexible printing solutions to meet a wide range of requirements   

MULTIVAC offers you a wide range of printing solutions for perfect results on labels, films and packs. Thanks to complete integration into the machine control of the packaging machine or labeller, they offer significant benefits when it comes to efficient, reliable operation. We also supply a range of consumable materials of the highest quality so that all components required in the printing process are ideally matched.

Printing on packaging film

The precise printing of variable data such as best-before date, batch number or barcodes is a challenge. One that MULTIVAC direct web printers solve with style. The integrated printing modules are matched precisely to your packaging machine – whether a thermoforming packaging machine, traysealer, or flowpacker. The complete integration into the packaging machine ensures high operating reliability and efficiency. 

MULTIVAC printing applications

Printing on packaging film

Printing on the infeed film takes place before sealing. Since the products are not yet sealed at this process stage, thermal transfer printers are most often used. With their high resolution of up to 300 dpi, MULTIVAC TTO printers deliver optimum printing results. In addition to fixed data such as texts, graphics and logos, variable data can be printed, such as dates, batch numbers, barcodes or 2D codes. Low consumption of wearing parts, combined with high ribbon capacity and ribbon-saving functions, reduces your operating costs.

A model from the IP 65 protection class is available to meet especially stringent hygiene requirements.

Stamp printers can also be used for simple print layouts. They are a cost-effective solution for printing, for example, use-by dates, batch numbers or logos. Printing is done by means of flexible type or printing blocks.

Printing packs

MULTIVAC offers a wide product portfolio for printing fixed or variable data on the sealed pack in the packaging machine's discharge area. All printing solutions are individually adapted to the MULTIVAC packaging machine. So they always form a perfect unit in terms of design and controls, and offer significant benefits when it comes to efficient operation.

MULTIVAC printing applications

Printing packs

Printing the sealed packs in the outfeed enables thermal transfer printers to be used, as well as thermal inkjet technology and the low-maintenance use of continuous inkjet printers. In addition to texts, graphics and logos, variable data such as expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes or 2D codes can be printed.

The use of MULTIVAC printers guarantees a high level of print quality. Operation is performed via a central control terminal, which simplifies handling since many operating processes are automated. In addition, the single-user interface for packaging and printing technology facilitates the operator's work.


Printing labels

Labels can be printed accurately with variable data before or after placement onto the pack utilizing a wide range of printer types. Depending on your specific needs in terms of print data, speed and print quality, MULTIVAC can offer various printing methods and different printer versions to meet your ideal requirements. 

MULTIVAC printing applications

Printing labels

Thermal transfer printers, thermal inkjet printers, continuous inkjet printers or printing modules can be used to print labels with variable data such as best-before dates, batch numbers or codes.

MULTIVAC printers are integrated into the control terminal of the labeling system. They do not require a separate control terminal. This maximizes efficiency during product changes, for example, and facilitates the operator's work.

Printers from other manufacturers are also supported to meet your requirements as precisely as possible. A print data check directly after printing is also possible, to enable detection of error sources as early as possible in the process. For example, if the labeller is equipped with a 2-way dispensing edge and a camera, incorrectly printed labels are not first adhered to the pack but are wound up again with the backing strip. 

Innovative labelling and marking solutions in all sizes

The comprehensive range of our labelling and printing systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing production and packaging processes.

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