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Robotics – Movement made simple

Do you want maximum availability at greater speed for your processing and packaging procedures - without having to increase the use of personnel? Then you have come to the right place!

Optimum product and pack handling with MULTIVAC robots

MULTIVAC robots can handle products, packs, boxes, or containers. The application area extends from product loading into packs to converging and loading into boxes or containers.

Maximum output, precision, and flexibility for your automation application

Thanks to servo drives and innovative gripper technologies, they offer high efficiency. A modular kit with various robots, grippers, belts, sensors, and vision systems enables them to be individually designed to your specific requirements. Some robots can also be integrated directly into the machine frame of thermoforming packaging machines. This enables the minimum space requirement, which is unique in the market. If the requirements for a loading solution increase, the robots that are already installed can be extended in terms of additional degrees of freedom, sensors, and vision systems.

MULTIVAC Robotics can do this for you


  • Maximum output

  • Quick product change 

High cost-effectiveness

  • Automation minimizes personnel requirements and operating errors

  • low energy consumption

  • Personnel saving

  • Permanently low operating costs 

High level of flexibility

  • due to outstanding integration

  • Minimum space requirement

  • Retrofittable

Highest hygiene standard

  • Hygienic design

  • Easy cleaning, maximum availability

Automatic product loading

Whether thermoformed packs or trays, your products are loaded gently and automatically into their packs. 

Reliable converging solutions

Multi-track pack formats are brought up to the correct number of tracks according to the requirements of the downstream equipment. Reject packs can also be ejected.

Automatic box/container loading

Automated loading of product packs into boxes or boxes ensures rapid processes and saves valuable time.

Direct pack removal from the complete cutter of the thermoforming packaging machine

In conjunction with thermoforming packaging machines, the packs can be removed directly from the complete cutting tool, separated, and then loaded into boxes and containers.

Our robotics portfolio

Linear kinematics

Parallel kinematics (2D) without rotation axis

Parallel kinematics (2D) with rotation axis

Parallel kinematics (3D) without rotation axis

Parallel kinematics (3D) with rotation axis


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