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Each and every portion should be an eye-catcher

Are you looking for reliable precision in slicing your products into cubes, strips or slices? Whether meat with or without bone, sausage, or cheese – portioning and slicing has to offer you maximum benefits! With our precise slicing technology, you can work efficiently, economically, hygienically and reliably. We can provide you with comprehensive advice to meet your specific requirements.

TVI portioning applications – both attractive and cost-effective

TVI's innovative portioning solutions form and cut in a single process. Their unique technology is optimized for trim and precise down to the last gram—the result is maximum yield. Your TVI solutions portion everything as precisely as you want. With or without bone, in slices, strips or diced. From thick to thin, from carpaccio to prime steak - they are always both attractive and cost-effective.

Any type of portioning

TVI is a MULTIVAC Group company and is the leading manufacturer of meat portioning machines and complete portioning lines. Our comprehensive product range comprises efficient and needs-based solutions for tempering, freezing, pressing, portioning and automating, as well as for winding grill sticks and manufacturing kebab skewers. The state-of-the-art TVI systems range from the tempering of the initial product through to virtually every type of portioning, and from manual or automatic loading into trays with subsequent weight checking, all the way through to transferring the finished portions to the packaging machine.

Our products and solutions have been proven many times in practice, but they always remain innovative. In addition, TVI's customers benefit from MULTIVAC's global sales and service network as well as from its comprehensive expertise in automation and packaging lines.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

We cut one steak more from your meat

The groundbreaking portioning solutions from TVI form and cut very precisely down to the last gram. And all this in just one process. There is hardly any leftover, and the yield is high. Whether with or without bone, as well as diced, slices or strips - your TVI solution portions just as you want.

  • Maximum product quality during slicing, forming and portioning

  • Highest level of flexibility with raw materials of different sizes

  • Increase in yield thanks to trim-free portioning

  • Savings in give-away due to a high level of weight accuracy and perfect cutting

  • Capable of automation

  • Intuitive operating concept for operators, production managers and cleaning personnel

Diced product or slices – TVI applications are very versatile

A BBQ without crispy kebab sticks or succulent skewers? The popular grill classics are a must for meat fans. However, producing them by hand is expensive and time-consuming. Why not leave the winding to our special automated machines so that you benefit from greater efficiency, productivity and consistently consistent quality? The unique special machines from TVI are as easy to operate as our classic portioning machines. They enable leeway for individual creativity and can be integrated seamlessly into any TVI line system.

TVI slicing solutions for perfect portions

  • Efficient portioning with maximum flexibility

  • Cleanest cuts for more yield

  • Precise and rapid processing for maximum freshness, color, shelf life and taste

  • Reliable quality from portion to portion

TVI technology for maximum quality

The more perfect the temperature, the more efficient the portioning. Thanks to TVI's innovative tempering technology, you achieve the cleanest cuts, the most stable shapes, and the highest yield with the longest shelf life.

Freshness, color, taste and juice remain where they belong: in the meat.

TVI and its passion for meat portioning

Under the motto "together for your success!" we have set the goal of consistently delivering the best portion quality for your product.

With its incredible attention to detail, TVI offers innovations in portioning and processing meat for the retail, industrial, and catering industries. Are you looking for a partner who is enthusiastic about their products and guarantees excellent precision? We look forward to meeting you!

Efficient loading for smooth processes

  • Manual and automatic loading systems for the highest level of reliability

  • Maximum productivity with the minimum of personnel

  • Maximum flexibility with minimum time and effort by staff

  • Seamless line integration for seamless processes and best results

TVI for top performance and the highest quality

Our modular loading systems offer you maximum flexibility, whether manually or automatically, and loading with minimum personnel. All the components are seamlessly matched and can be expanded quickly and easily. The die bag remains in the cabinet.

Single and multiple slices for fine food products

  • Excellent slices for your product

  • Slices with optimum weight precision

  • Precise cuts for smaller end cuts and more yield

  • Reliable quality from slice to slice

TVI quality for maximum flexibility

Whether you're portioning in individual slices, such as roast beef, meatloaf, roast meat or steaks, or multiple cuts for roast beef, sausage and ham - we offer you precise solutions with optimum weight from the first slice to the last.

Kebabs - as if by hand only faster

  • Precise diced for the finest kebab

  • Capable of automation

  • No give-away

  • Line integration for maximum productivity

Kebabs with TVI for a full taste experience

Whether for goulash or the finest kebab skewers, a significant factor behind a perfect preparation result is the professional and attractive portioning of the meat into bite-size diced cubes. You can rely on TVI slicing systems and be sure that your product will always impress.

Precise winding for perfect grill sticks

  • efficient and precise winding technology

  • Reliable quality from grill sticks to grill sticks

  • Gentle processing at maximum output

  • Integrated into lines and capable of automation

Extra crispy grill sticks with TVI

When the barbecue season begins, it's once again time for delicious grill sticks. The irresistible and attractively portioned skewers and pork belly are always a hit. When grilled to the perfect level of crispness, there will nothing left on the serving plates. We guarantee it. We can support you in your production.


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