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Skin packs - enhance your impact at POS

You'll enjoy a decisive lead over your competitors when your products' quality, freshness, and color stand out at POS. MultiFresh™ skin packs make a real difference when it comes to enhancing the shelf appeal of your products. You'll also benefit from increased shelf life and product safety.

Skin packs to meet any requirement

When you think of high-quality foods such as meat, sausages, fish, seafood, poultry, and cheese, one thing is clear: they place a wide variety of different demands on the packaging. The liquid should never be allowed to escape, and the package has to protect the product from external influences. MultiFresh™ packs are ideally suited to meet these needs. They enclose your product like a second skin. The upper web holds the content tightly and free of tension. The shape is maintained to the greatest possible extent. The product is sealed over its entire surface on a rigid lower web or a pre-made tray with a special skin film. Your product can be presented suspended, standing, or lying flat at POS without it slipping.

Skin packs

Even challenging products can be perfectly packaged

MultiFresh™ packs are especially well suited to high-quality products in the food sector that boasts a longer shelf life. The MultiFresh™ package is ideal for products with leaking juices. Hard or pointed bones? Not a problem with the robust and supple skin pack.

The versatile MultiFresh™ range

Our MultiFresh™ films include an extensive range of skin films and are specially designed for use with MultiFresh™ machines. To ensure a perfect packaging result, the MultiFresh™ range offers a variety of grades in both upper and lower webs, and is specifically designed for a variety of product shapes and heights. 

Extended shelf life

Countless design options are available: inking, metallization, printing, embossing, and labeling. In conjunction with the transparent, high-quality upper web, the customized design of your product is guaranteed to ensure outstanding product presentation. Since the content is sealed in a vacuum, you and the consumer benefit from extended shelf life and increased product safety. A further advantage: easy opening thanks to an integrated opening aid.

Suitable machines and films

Skin packs for attractive product presentation


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