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We offer you highly productive solutions for your sausage processing and packaging line.

MULTIVAC developed the Centrifuge Feeder to converge and load sausages efficiently while simultaneously being gentle on the product. 

Performance features of the MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder

Efficient converging

The centrifuge feeder is an efficient and gentle converging solution in product infeed. It is particularly suitable for straight and uniform products, such as sausages.

Constant product flow

Combined with an inclined conveyor, the centrifuge feeder generates a constant one-track and oriented product flow. A robot typically carries out the loading of a downstream packaging system.

Complete cleaning capability

Thanks to a robust and hygienic design, the centrifuge feeder can be cleaned on a completely wet basis. Using stainless steel and high-quality, hygienic materials contributes to the guaranteed cleanability and longevity of the system.

Centrifuge Feeder

The centrifuge feeder combines many benefits for you:

Effective loading and converging

  • Suitable for straight and uniform products

  • Gentle on products for maximum product safety

  • Ideal for straight and consistent products

Time-effective cleaning capability

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™

  • Quick and wet cleaning

  • Durable

High-performance and combinable

  • Can be fully integrated into MULTIVAC line solutions for automatic processes

  • Maximum efficiency for cost savings of up to 60% compared to manual loading

  • Integrated suction grippers ensure that the machine is processed as quickly as possible and can, for example, pick up several sausage products simultaneously ("Lowest cost sausage loading").

  • Large volumes can also be run reliably

Maximum productivity with a minimal footprint – ideally matched to your production needs.

Alternative infeed solutions provide the maximum flexibility in determining your individual concept.

Product infeed with two centrifuges for high-performance applications and its maximum production flow.

Line solutions with centrifuge feeder

Other areas of use

Centrifuge for burger patty converging

MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeders can gently converge frozen burgers made from meat or alternative proteins so they can be fed reliably to the entire packaging process.

MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder accessories

Storage trolley

MULTIVAC die changing trolleys offer as an option for your MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder that:

  • Centrifuge parts

  • Belts

  • Conveyor parts and metal plates

  • Gripper

You benefit from reduced work, increased efficiency, and durability of the transported parts.


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