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Off into the container!

Your finished packaged products can be loaded flexibly and fully automatically into boxes or containers. Depending on the application, the modular and scalable system of the MULTIVAC Case & Crate Loader always offers you the optimum solution. This ensures everything is securely packed for transport.

Robot loading into boxes or containers

Flexibility in packaging and technology

Thermoformed packs, trays, tubular pouches, or shrink packs are loaded efficiently and reliably into boxes or containers. They benefit from a high level of flexibility since even large product dimensions are no problem. The use of these robotic systems is tailored precisely to your requirements and your packaging process. Our robotic solutions range from 100 grams to 30 kilograms of pack weight - a broad spectrum that allows for many types of products and packs.

Simple format change and maximum time saving

Retrofitting your existing equipment is very simple and process-reliable. The quick-changing gripper system ensures that format changeover times are very short. For you, this means maximum time saving, which ensures more efficiency.

Integrated and automated production and packaging line

We obtain box erectors and closers from our proven suppliers and integrate these modules into our overall packaging solution. This enables us to cover all types of secondary packaging. 

We are completing our line with the last piece of the puzzle with our secondary packaging solutions. Combined with the diverse product range of the MULTIVAC Group, you now have an integrated and perfectly matched production and packaging line.

Box loading

The various types of loading are available for you in boxes and trays. Select what is suitable for your application.

Top Loading

Top Loading is the standard loading mode with various types of box packaging, such as American case, Display Ready Box or folding carton. Of course, it is perfectly tailored to your sector.

Side Loading

When loading from the side, your products are placed upright in the box for the end customer. A pusher pushes the stacked products into the box. This is a typical application for a display ready case.

Container loading

When it is loading crates, there are many possibilities available to you.

Top Loading

Whatever the dimensions of your containers, we load them all. The spectrum ranges from E2 crates through to bakery crates and right up to bale-arm crates. Our robotics solution enables product weights up to 30 kilograms to be loaded.

Flexible with MULTIVAC

Box and container loading in one module

Do you need various secondary packaging for your products? MULTIVAC solutions are designed to be so flexible and straightforward that you can quickly convert between boxes and crates.

Flexible with MULTIVAC

Top and side loading in one module

Do you have an American case or a shelf-ready case, and do your customers have various wishes for you here? With MULTIVAC case packaging solutions, you can load both types of boxes in one module with either top-loading or side-loading technology.

Benefit from integrated solutions with MULTIVAC

We offer you integrated concepts for your individual requirements and support you in maximising your productivity to your commercial success.

Box and container loading

When secondary packaging becomes primary packaging!

Boxes or containers can also be used as the primary packaging. Certain products do not require a classic primary pack made of plastic. Cardboard can also be covered on the inside of the pack with film so that they fulfill additional barrier properties.



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