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MULTIVAC Line Control

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) enables the centralized operation of the entire MULTIVAC line.

MULTIVAC Line Control can do this for you

Efficient and central process control

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) is an innovative solution that enables MULTIVAC processing and packaging lines to operate efficiently and centrally. This includes the functions throughout the entirety of the line for starting, stopping, running up, and running empty, as well as product changeover. Thanks to the standardization of these frequently reoccurring operating processes, MLC ensures reliable and reproducible processes are achieved and minimizes potential operational errors. In addition, it offers the basis for simply linking a packaging line to ERP, MES, MRP, or PPS systems via OPC UA.

Highest level of availability

Operators benefit significantly from shorter walking distances, and simple and rapid operating functions performed faultlessly. The result is a substantially higher level of availability throughout the complete line and a higher output. Moreover, thanks to the provision of all the relevant process data, MULTIVAC Line Control is also the ideal basis for optional digital services.

MULTIVAC Line Control offers you many benefits:

  • Control and operation throughout the whole line from any control terminal

  • Centrally running the machine up, starting, stopping, and running it empty, as well as centrally controlled product change, thanks to the operation of one single control terminal

  • Simple linking of a packaging line to ERP, MES, MRP, or PPS systems via OPC UA
  • The control terminal can be mirrored to another through the HMI switchover
  • Article safety throughout the whole line


Running the line up to full operation

After the main switches on all line elements have been activated, a line item for the entire line can be centrally selected at any control terminal. Each line element automatically receives the appropriate article suggestion, which the operator then confirms after any necessary set-up procedures have been performed manually.

MULTIVAC Line Control makes it significantly more efficient and reliable to run the line up to the entire operation. Significantly reducing walking time and distances for operators when loading individual recipes for each machine. Recipe management throughout the whole line automatically ensures the correct recipes are used.

Starting and stopping the line 

Using MLC, the entire line can be started and stopped centrally at any control terminal. When the line is stopped, every line module goes automatically to "Stopped" status. 

MULTIVAC Line Control makes the starting and stopping of lines a structured process, and this, in turn, makes it significantly more straightforward and faster. In addition to time savings and shorter walking distances for the operator, the availability of the line is also increased.

Overview of line status

An overview of line status within MULTIVAC Line Control is used to quickly and reliably identify the cause of unplanned line stoppages, which could, for example, arise from a lack of material. In addition, other potential causes of faults, such as the triggering of safety circuits or monitoring sensors, can be localized efficiently through the overview of line status.

By using MLC, the process of eliminating typical production faults can also be accelerated and made much more manageable. In addition to time savings for the operator, the availability of the line is optimized, and production targets are achieved more reliably.

Product change throughout the whole line

The desired line item can be selected centrally at any control terminal using MLC. Each line element automatically contains the appropriate article suggestion, which the operator confirms after any necessary set-up procedures have been performed manually.

Checklists can also be depicted in the machine control for manual set-up tasks, which must be performed by the operator and confirmed at the control terminal.

Thanks to MULTIVAC Line Control, product change for the line becomes significantly faster and more reliable with less time and walking for the operators. This also ensures that the article conversion is performed correctly on each machine.

Article management also automatically ensures the correct product data is used throughout the whole line. This would typically include the proper print layouts and print data - a potential source of errors by operators that is critical if required every day. This can lead to lost time and effort for reworking or even product returns.

Running the line empty

By using MULTIVAC Line Control, a line can be run empty at any time and at any control terminal in a controlled way. All the products and packs, which are still in the line, are run out of the line under controlled conditions. They then go through the remaining process stages. The line modules then go automatically to "Complete" status, and the line is ready for the end of a shift or a change of product or recipe.

MULTIVAC Line Control makes running empty lines a controlled process, which, in turn, makes it particularly simple and reliable. In addition to time savings and shorter walking distances for the operator, this MLC function also assists in the particularly efficient preparation for product changes. 


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