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Smart Services

MULTIVAC Smart Services - Digital solutions for maximum productivity, simple operation, and direct support for your MULTIVAC machines and line components.

MULTIVAC Smart Services can do this for you

Availability and efficiency 

Thanks to its groundbreaking digital solutions, MULTIVAC offers a wide range of tools for increasing machine availability, performance, quality, and efficiency. In addition, transparent processes and real-time data contribute to the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of systems and lines.

Networked and convenient

With MULTIVAC's digital products and services, we offer you innovative solutions for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing production. Available across all locations from anywhere in the world. Straightforward setup via the control cabinet, immediate use to go live for new equipment, and retrofitting to existing machines.

Added value for the machine operator right up to the managing director

The use of MULTIVAC Smart Services does not require a significant start-up investment. The well-established standard range of digital solutions is constantly improved and developed further - central to the customer's needs. Individuality? No problem; we can build a customized solution for you. The appropriate application waits for you beyond those of the machine operator or business manager.

Smart Services

Your benefits

Usability of output, availability, and quality

  • Your production figures are available anytime or anywhere

  • Determining and eliminating the causes of failure and unplanned downtime

  • Monitor pack quality and output of the machine in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) format

  • Increasing machine availability and eliminating hidden production costs

Transparent processes and process data in real-time

  • Recipe changes automatically backed up

  • Different comparisons between machines and shifts, details of recipes, as well as recipe changes and material change times

Reliability and automatic support

  • Automatically generated analysis reports

  • Automatic data backup

  • Easy and reliable restoration of machine settings

  • Easy access for our service technicians for quick help

Smart Production Dashboard

The Smart Production Dashboard provides your production figures at a glance, any time from anywhere, and you are always at the front line.

Smart OEE Analyzer

Using the Smart OEE Analyzer, you can view effectiveness based on data. You can identify whether your production is operating as planned or whether optimization needs to be carried out for one or more places.

Smart Log Analyzer

Using the Smart Log analyzer, you can identify the leading causes of downtimes, the most common faults, and their average downtime at a glance.

Smart Data Backup

With the help of Smart Data Backup, all recipe changes are automatically backed up. So you can quickly restore recipes without this affecting your packaging process.

Smart Maintenance Manager

Practically plan your service work. Smart Maintenance Manager makes the organization of maintenance work on any machine easy.

Smart Widget Dashboard

Everything important at a glance. The Smart Widget Dashboard clearly and meaningfully displays any key performance indicators of a packaging line.


Always informed on time. MULTIVAC Watchdog monitors the status "live" of the machine components and the production process.

Smart Production Dashboard

Do you have a quick and straightforward overview of when and how many products are being produced or not at your production facility? In 8 out of 10 cases, the failure to reach the production target could be detected at an early stage, and in over half of these cases, the target can still be reached through timely countermeasures.


Control center for digital machines

From the user's point of view, the control center of a digitalized machine is the Production Dashboard, which can be run not only on a large flatscreen beside the machine but also viewed remotely if required on a PC in an office. This means not only does the operator at the machine have live access to all the relevant information about the current performance, but also the management. The benefit of such a tool lies in the significant reduction of communication channels and reaction times.

  • Access to the packaging process in real-time

  • Important key performance indicators are shown clearly on the arranged dashboard, and they are itemized according to production days and shifts

  • Any differences between shifts, as well as longer-term trends, can be easily identified and analyzed

Smart OEE Analyzer

Do you know how efficiently you produce your individual items?
Many of our customers have no precise key performance indicators for their efficiency. Resource-efficient productions are faster to reach the market and more consistent, production costs also decrease immensely, and margins increase.


A strategic instrument for increasing efficiency

The Smart OEE Analyzer offers, in various degrees a detailed analysis of a packaging machine's operating data within a period of up to four weeks. The tool captures the percentage availability, pack quality, and output of the machine then multiplies these values and calculates the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the packaging machine.

  • A simple overview of the effectiveness of the packaging process on the machine and line

  • The data is shown as a time series on an interactive dashboard. The characteristics can be adapted by selecting various periods or shift models

  • Since output, availability, and quality are displayed separately, the causes of inadequate OEE can be identified precisely

Smart Log Analyzer

Do you know the most frequently occurring faults on your machine? Do you know how much downtime these cause? Tackle efficiency increases in a targeted way and monitor them transparently.


A flexible tool for optimization

The Smart Log Analyzer reads the report and fault memory of the machine, then loads the relevant data to the Smart Hub, where it is subsequently analyzed. The data capture ranges from high-level information, such as the machine's productive time, right up to individual events that cause downtime. The Smart Log Analyzer is aimed not only at machine users but also at service technicians. In the event of a fault, the essential data is available immediately to the service department for troubleshooting, reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

  • Precise evaluation of the protocol data from a MULTIVAC machine or line allows identification of the leading cause for unplanned downtime

  • All faults, which occur in the period under consideration, are listed and visualized according to the total downtime caused, the average downtime, or the frequency of the downtime.

  • The Smart Log Analyzer enables customers to detect the leading causes of discrepancies in output during the packaging process and then tackle the specific problems.

Smart Data Backup

Is the security of your recipes as vital to you as it is to us? Do you want to keep track of all the recipe changes you've made, as well as being able to have access to these at any time, from anywhere?


Valuable data automatically backed up

You are always on the safe side with MULTIVAC Smart Data Backup!
Thanks to this brilliant tool, the settings on a MULTIVAC packaging machine are automatically backed up in a protected online domain. Smart Data Backup runs smoothly in the background without adversely affecting your packaging process. It can be accessed very flexibly from anywhere via a browser. All the settings can be downloaded in this MULTIVAC Smart Service at any time and quickly restored as required.

  • Automatic data backup in a protected online domain

  • Simple downloading and reliable restoration of machine settings

  • Flexible access via browser

Smart Maintenance Manager

Smart Maintenance Manager makes the organization of maintenance work on any machine particularly easy. By evaluating hours of operation, an automatic notification system indicates that maintenance work is due, summarises them in an overview, and then sorts them according to the recommended maintenance date. They can be quickly and efficiently organized, marked as done, added again, changed, or deleted.

Thanks to the systematic use of the Smart Maintenance Manager, you benefit from greater productivity due to shorter planned downtime, less unplanned downtime, and a longer machine lifespan.

Benefits of the Smart Maintenance Manager:

  • Smart Maintenance Manager is a practical tool for organizing maintenance on any machine
  • A notification system automatically and reliably points to due maintenance and simplifies planning and management
  • Thanks to the systematic use of the Smart Maintenance Manager, you benefit from greater productivity, less downtime, and a longer machine lifespan 

Smart Widget Dashboard

The Smart Widget Dashboard clearly and meaningfully displays any key performance indicators of a packaging line - even if line modules from other manufacturers are integrated. This enables the operator to visually monitor and analyze the production line and identify the potential for machine optimization. So whether you are interested in current and past machine data, image files, or information on a timely basis, the Smart Widget Dashboard offers monitoring tools for your lines that can be quickly and intuitively configured and operated via widgets.

Benefits of the Smart Widget Dashboard:

·        Visual depiction of individually defined key performance indicators of a packaging line

·        Adaptable quickly and flexibly through widgets to the respective needs for monitoring and analysis

·        For all MULTIVAC lines, even if line modules from other manufacturers are integrated


MULTIVAC Watchdog monitors the "live" status of the machine components and production process. An automatic alarm system notifies the user of irregularities, the frequent occurrence of faults, or maintenance work due. Thanks to the reduction of your reaction times, MULTIVAC Watchdog supports you in preventing or reducing downtime and optimizing your process times.  

Advantages of the MULTIVAC Watchdog:

  • Automatic "live" monitoring of the status of the machine components and the production process
  • Avoiding or shortening downtime thanks to shortened reaction times and optimizing process times


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