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Flexible labelling for your products

Maximum impact at POS – that's what you and your customers expect. It's all about making your products stand out with excellent labelling quality. Label or print your packs on our systems, so that you can fully integrate these into your line. And all this at the highest level of efficiency.

Minimum conversion times for maximum efficiency

The MULTIVAC range of solutions covers a wide range of labelling procedures and adapts itself specifically to your requirements.
Our labelling systems and printers generate excellent results, so that your products stand out from those of your competitors at POS. Short conversion times and a hygiene-friendly and low-maintenance design increase the efficiency of your system. Our labelling and marking solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production and packaging line. They can be controlled via HMI (Human Machine Interface) or directly via our packaging machines. When it comes to labelling, you are virtually independent of format and material.

Marking on thermoforming packaging machines


  • Labelling the infeed side film
  • Labelling the top and bottom
  • Direct printing of the upper web
  • Central machine control through the packaging machine's HMI / control terminal
  • "Zero downtime" function


Labelling and marking on traysealers

  • Flexible production data such as best-before dates and barcodes
  • All standard film grades
  • wide range of printing processes
  • Seamless integration in traysealers
  • Central machine control thanks to HMI

Labelling and marking on flowpackers

  • Designed for vertical or horizontal flowpackers
  • Printing with flexible data
  • Wide range of applicators for labelling
  • "Zero downtime" function

Labelling with conveyor belt labellers

  • Stand-alone or integration in-line
  • Simple operation of the user interface
  • Numerous equipment options
  • A wide range of label materials and formats
  • "Zero downtime" function

Labelling with inline labellers

  • Printing with fixed and flexible data
  • Wide range of applicators for labelling
  • "Zero downtime" function

Printing techniques

  • completely integrated in the machine control
  • Maximum operating reliability and efficiency
  • Suitable consumable materials
  • Automatic loading of the print layouts

Cost-effectiveness and reliability

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in individual process stages - and especially for entire processes - we can implement solutions tailored to your specific requirements, even if they are extremely complex. Our solutions ensure an optimised line footprint, low operating costs and maximum flexibility in terms of technology and consumables. Our systems are designed for durability and are available in a variety of hygiene standards. Your investment is safeguarded with MULTIVAC quality.

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Your benefits with MULTIVAC

You'll benefit from optimized labelling and printing processes

MULTIVAC cross web labellers and direct web printers open up an incredibly wide range of marking solutions. Short conversion times, low maintenance and high level of flexibility are the benefits you'll take advantage of - all targeted to making your packaging process even more efficient. 

  • Full integration and customization – achieve maximum integrity and freedom of design. You can also control your processes centrally through the HMI.

  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency – benefit from the durable design and easy-maintenance design of your integrated labellers.

  • Customization - a wide selection of formats and materials offers you a fully customized solution with maximum precision and reproducibility.

  • Cross web labellers - precise labelling in uninterrupted production strengthens the efficiency of your equipment. The traceability marking gives you additional security.

  • Direct web printers - all conventional film grades can be printed with maximum precision using your flexible data. MULTIVAC offers you solutions for multi-row and multi-track formats.


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