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Traysealers for top results

When it comes to the quality of your products, you know no compromises. As the leading manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic traysealers, our packaging machines are among the best. Whether you're packaging food, medical or pharmaceutical products, or industrial or consumer goods - you benefit from excellent packaging results. Output, flexibility, reliability, durability, and ease of operation make MULTIVAC traysealers a resilient link in your production chain.

The new TX 6 series from MULTIVAC

Compact, versatile, networked: The new MULTIVAC traysealers are highly impressive in their outstanding performance with ex-ceptionally efficient use of the available production space. Just like the existing high-output TX 7 and TX 8 series, the space-saving new arrivals in the product range offer everything that customers could expect from a trend-setting machine generation. Also in terms of reliability, hygiene and ease of operation.

Maximum output with minimum use of resources

What makes our traysealers special? They provide maximum output for your application while consuming fewer resources and optimizing the use of your production space. MULTIVAC traysealers are efficient, flexible, durable, and particularly cost-effective as regards investment and operating costs. In addition to the economic aspects, safety is our first priority. Thanks to its intuitive operating concept, your machine can easily be controlled reliably.


Safe and reliable processes for maximum machine availability

Consistent high pack quality and reproducibility, as well as the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, ensure the highest level of process reliability is achieved.

Our range is comprehensive and innovative. Each machine is designed to fit the customer's specific requirements regarding the product and tray, ensuring every traysealer fits seamlessly into a new or existing production environment, as a stand-alone machine, or as part of a fully automated packaging line solution.

Optimum packaging results

We are a supplier of integrated solutions with outstanding expertise in materials and applications. In addition, we ensure the perfect interaction of packaging material, machine, product, and atmosphere – and we systematically match the machines to the packaging technology and materials—the result: a pack that meets the highest demands.

As the leading manufacturer of packaging machines, our focus is on our customers. With our innovative technologies, we contribute to ensuring that you can consolidate your future market position with your products. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of MULTIVAC traysealers? Please contact us.

Semi-automatic traysealers

  • Small output quantities

  • Entry into tray packaging

  • Customised machine designs

Semi-automatic traysealers

Small and medium-sized batches packed efficiently and cost-effective

MULTIVAC's semi-automatic traysealers are ideal for producing MAP and vacuum skin packs in small and medium-sized batches. They seal trays of plastic, aluminum, foamed materials, or fiber-based packaging materials with various upper webs. Tabletop or free-standing units can be integrated seamlessly into the production environment. They score highly due to their ease of operation and durability.


Your benefits

  • Easy and reliable operation: Machine control via a graphic user interface

  • Customer-specific configuration: Wide range of packaging materials

  • High cost-effectiveness and efficiency: Durable stainless steel design and fast and reliable cleaning

T 105

The T 105 traysealer from MULTIVAC - the compact and user-friendly tabletop machine for sealing, packing with modified atmosphere, and vacuum skin packs.

T 200

The T 200 traysealer from MULTIVAC - a free-standing mobile unit for the flexible and economical production of high-quality tray packs.

T 205

The T 205 traysealer from MULTIVAC - this free-standing semi-automatic unit packs food of all types and adapts itself flexibly to your requirements.

T 250

The T 250 traysealer from MULTIVAC - allows a higher output level with its large basic format and offers additional equipment options.

T 255

The T 255 free-standing unit from MULTIVAC - sealing, partial vacuum, skin, and packing with a modified atmosphere. High output thanks to ergonomic rotating table and tray lifter.

Automatic traysealers

  • Medium to high output quantities

  • Customized machine layouts and a wide range of equipment options

  • Available with Smart Services

Automatic traysealers

High-performance, reliable, flexible and future-proof.

The automatic traysealers from MULTIVAC are ideal for producing attractive MAP and vacuum skin packs of consistently high quality. It is possible to have a wide range of format sizes and equipment options, as well as a wide range of materials and upper webs. But one thing is identical: very simple operation and the highest efficiency level.

The traysealers cover a broad spectrum of food packaging applications, ranging from fruit and vegetables to meat, sausage, fish, poultry, and dairy products, and ready meals of all types.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum availability and flexibility: Changes in product, film, and die can be carried out quickly and with minimum interruption to production. In addition, the TX series can also be connected online with MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, simplifying the process when setting up new products, trays, and films.

  • Reliable and safe processes: A gentle packaging process on products with reliable pack and production results – even in non-stop mode.

  • Maximum output and efficiency: The innovative machine control and robust design enable a high output in non-stop operation.

  • Future-proof: The innovative machine control, a comprehensive sensor system, and precise servo technology, as well as the optional connection to MULTIVAC Smart Services, ensure the traysealer is ideally prepared for the demands of the future.

Automatic traysealers

T 305

The automatic T 305 traysealer from MULTIVAC - for small to medium-sized batches. Efficient output thanks to individual requirements for the production environment.

Automatic traysealers

TX 6 series

The TX 6 series combines high cycle performance and production efficiency on a small footprint. It delivers reliability, versatility and hygiene – while ensuring exceptionally efficient use of available production space. 

Automatic traysealers

TX 7 series, TX 8 series

The automatic TX traysealer from MULTIVAC - is perfect for high-output quantities of food products such as fruit and vegetables, meat, sausage, fish, poultry, dairy products, and ready meals of all kinds.

Traysealers for medical and pharmaceutical products

The GMP-compliant traysealers from MULTIVAC were specifically developed to meet the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The differentiated machine range is designed for packing sterile, diagnostic, and biotech products under sterile and low-particle conditions.

Traysealers for medical and pharmaceutical products

GMP-compliant for maximum process reliability and reproducibility


Our differentiated range of GMP-compliant traysealers offers the optimum solution for packing a wide range of products in cleanroom environments with low bacteria and low-particle requirements. With maximum process reliability and reproducibility thanks to an extensive sensor system, which can be calibrated and validated.

MULTIVAC traysealers are characterized by maximum output at minimum use of resources and provide optimum utilization of the available production space. They are efficient, flexible, durable, and particularly cost-effective as regards investment and operating costs.


Your benefits

  • Strict hygiene requirements: MULTIVAC traysealers are designed for the low-bacteria and particle packaging of sterile medical products, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and biotech products. The ease of cleaning of the machines also meets this requirement with a hygiene-friendly design.

  • Strong performance: MULTIVAC traysealers are characterized by maximum output with minimum use of resources while also optimizing the available production space. They are efficient, flexible, durable, and particularly cost-effective as regards investment and operating costs.

  • High level of efficiency: Energy and packaging materials are used very efficiently at the highest production output and pack quality. As with the reduction in downtime, the durable stainless steel construction ensures that costs are minimized. 

T 260

The T 260 traysealer from MULTIVAC - can be equipped with evacuation and gas flushing systems for packing sensitive products in small batch sizes.

T 300 & T 700 with MULTIVAC Tray Carrier system

As a carrier system for the most sensitive products, the MULTIVAC Tray Carrier System (MTC) offers the ideal addition to our T 300 and T 700 traysealers in the pharmaceutical sector. Small batch sizes of pre-filled syringes, needles, vials, pack leaflets, and small parts are packed efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively - either separately or in combi packs.



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