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A good flow when packaging

No eternally long cleaning times, production stoppages, or packaging faults! Do you want smooth-running processes with the highest level of reliability during packaging sealing? Flowpacker solutions from MULTIVAC are designed for durability and maximum availability. The high degree of automation and hygienic design stand out in the flowpacker's performance.

Robust design with a maximum output

Packaging food sustainably with less plastic - is an increasing demand from producers and consumers. Tubular pouches can play a leading role with the minimum use of material. With the MULTIVAC flowpacker, you can achieve precisely what is essential: a secure and sustainable pack that looks good at the point of sale. The robust and durable design ensures a fault-free packaging process with high output is achieved. Servicing and cleaning are simple and require only a small number of personnel due to the easily accessible components. With MULTIVAC flowpackers, you can use the opportunity of packing your products in an environmentally friendly way.

W 500 - The MULTIVAC flowpacker for products with two sides of equal value

Film from below – sealing on top.

When it is there for you to pack the most efficient product without a recognizable top or bottom surface, such as sausages, cheese pieces, and many other products - MULTIVAC flowpackers offer the right option for your product.

W 510 - The MULTIVAC flowpacker for packing with the "nice side" on top

Film from above – sealing on the bottom

For the optimum presentation of products with a clearly defined top and bottom, such as minced meat and other products in trays - MULTIVAC flowpackers offer the right option for your product.

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Efficient. Reliable. Sustainable.

Reliable pack sealing is essential for the shelf life of your products. MULTIVAC flowpackers are masters of their trade: every pack is perfectly sealed and hermetically separated from the outside atmosphere. This ensures you have an extremely high level of process reliability and package security. You benefit greatly: 

  • Flexibility: extremely fast cleaning for quick product change

  • Automation: high degree of automation makes daily operations easier, particularly with frequent product changes

  • Intelligent: comprehensive automation of technical settings for each type of product = reduces operating errors and guarantees quick changeover times

  • Durability: its straightforward and robust design guarantees trouble-free operation and a long lifespan

  • Hygiene requirements: hygienic design™ provides the best possible access to all components and makes cleaning and maintenance easy

  • Integration: flowpacker can be integrated easily into your production line


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