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Let's reach the summit together!

More than just a casual promise! To implement your objectives and strategies, you need supportive partnerships that deliver more than just machines and line expertise. With the MULTIVAC PEAQ Promise, we support you in maximizing your productivity with our products, expertise and services - sustainably, continuously and for the entire life cycle of your equipment.

For over 60 years, customers worldwide have placed their trust in MULTIVAC's outstanding products and best-in-class services. But why do our customers keep coming back to us?

MULTIVAC customers know that the long-term productivity of every individual machine and solution has always been in the foreground within our company. Of course, investment costs are an essential factor in any purchasing decision, but in the long run, optimum productivity is the key to reliable, efficient and cost-effective production.

PEAQ stands for Productivity, Efficiency, Availability and Quality. We will support you as a close partner throughout the entire life cycle of your MULTIVAC solution.

An optimal ratio of input to output


Productivity is the optimum ratio between output and input. A key performance indicator for production is the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), which is compared with the total costs (TCO = Total Cost of Ownership).

Whether you require maximum flexibility, quick production changeovers, or the highest level of product quantities at maximum availability, what really counts is the individual productivity of your equipment!

The known benefits of our MULTIVAC solutions are key. Performance-optimized lines with many advanced features for maximizing your productivity, combined with our proven and highly reliable product range, help ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition. In addition, with innovations such as Smart Services or MULTIVAC Line Control, we offer you security for today and tomorrow.

High profitability and cost-effectiveness


In addition to the initial acquisition cost, many expenses arise throughout the life cycle of a processing and packaging machine or line, which ultimately determine the equipment's total cost.

This doesn't even include total operating costs such as material, personnel, operating, maintenance, energy and disposal costs.

The value of your equipment is derived much more from the relationship between the total cost of ownership (TCO) to the total output (OEE) over time. Taking all factors into account makes a decisive contribution to maximizing the efficiency of your equipment.

Maximum productive time


Maximum availability is a decisive factor in achieving the maximum productivity of your processing and packaging equipment. Your machine and line solutions must therefore operate at the optimum operating point, allowing maximum operating time.

To achieve this, all factors need to be ideally matched to each other. From the right machine equipment and well-trained personnel, to support in continuously optimizing the production process in everyday operation, all the way through to regular preventative line maintenance - you can rely on us from A to Z!

MULTIVAC systems can be equipped with intelligent control and monitoring systems (MULTIVAC Line Control, Smart Services), as well as sensor systems, which support operators comprehensively in production, uncover the output potential and help in optimizing process stages.

Our comprehensive range of services (MULTIVAC CustomCare) also ensures a high level of rapid availability for your equipment.

High-quality and reliable process, the best product and pack results


The best quality and your complete satisfaction are in the forefront of everything we do. For MULTIVAC, quality also means listening to all the requirements of the market and our customers. We consider it essential to meet these requirements not only with regard to our products but in all areas of our commercial activity.

Our high-quality and reliable products and services are always perfectly tailored to your requirements, beginning with the advice on our machines to the quality of our production and processing, through to to the final pack result.

Irrespective of the high-quality standards we set for ourselves, we regularly receive certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Brochure: PEAQ promise

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Success story

Ter Beke uses digital solutions from MULTIVAC

he Belgian food company, Ter Beke, counts on digitalization: Thanks to MULTIVAC’s digital services, it has been possible to optimize the complex packaging processes for the different sausage varieties to a very significant degree.


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Let's reach the summit together! Maximize your productivity and minimize your life cycle costs - with our PEAQ Promise. PEAQ stands for Productivity, Efficiency, Availability and Quality. Find out what's in it for you.