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Be assured of your success

Tailor-made after-sales solutions. For maximum performance.

MULTIVAC CustomCare solutions encompass a wide range of first-class after-sales products and services, which are perfectly tailored to your requirements. They range from preventive maintenance, machine optimization inspections and retrofits, through to remote assistance, live support, genuine spare parts, express repairs and of course our Helpdesk, all the way through to the user-friendly myMULTIVAC Customer Portal, which is your access to the MULTIVAC world.

Our customized after-sales services are specifically designed to increase the output, availability and productivity of your machines. More than 1,000 MULTIVAC CustomCare staff worldwide work around the clock to ensure your success and 100% satisfaction.

Minimize unplanned downtime efficiently.

MULTIVAC has developed a preventive maintenance program, so that you can operate with our machine solutions as simply and conveniently as possible. This maintenance program, which is tailored to your particular requirements, means that you can be sure of the smooth operation and optimum output of your equipment over its entire life cycle.

The benefits speak for themselves. Our preventive maintenance program counteracts the creeping loss of machine output and pack quality, and it keeps your production costs to a low level. In addition to this, the reliability and availability of your machines increase significantly, while maintenance tasks can be tailored exactly to your needs and planned to suit your schedule.

Take advantage of our preventive maintenance program. It pays off. By using this cost-effective and holistic concept, you can significantly increase the productivity of your machines while extending their service life.

Benefit from more security.

A significant part of our inspection is the checking and documentation of the current condition of the components in your machines. Our MULTIVAC experts are therefore able to identify any weak points at an early stage, as well as assess the potential for machine optimization. Targeted measures can then be taken in line with your particular needs and plans. This enables us to provide the optimum output and efficiency for your MULTIVAC machines - at all times.

Extended warranty

MULTIVAC solutions stand for efficiency, machine and process reliability - and above all durability. But even the best machines need care if they are to operate efficiently and sustainably on a lasting basis. This is why the MULTIVAC warranty can be extended to up to 48 months, if combined with a preventive maintenance agreement. This way you can protect your investment, while exercising full cost control. The extended warranty means that you enjoy the best protection for all premium components, and you don't need to fear any unexpected repair costs.

Under the terms of the agreement, MULTIVAC will repair or replace any defective components quickly, professionally and without fuss. Thanks to our extensive stockholding, sophisticated logistics and the high level of technical expertise of our specialists on-site, we can ensure that your MULTIVAC equipment has the maximum machine availability - for its entire lifespan. In over 165 countries around the world.


Your personal online support.

Thanks to rapid and live support via remote access, we can reduce your unplanned downtime with MULTIVAC Remote Assistance. Any problems that arise are analysed and solved by our experts online working with you. Step-by-step and without travel costs and unnecessary waiting time.

Remote Assistance

Remote VPN

Using the Remote VPN assistance tool, our team of experts can gain direct access to the machine control of your MULTIVAC. A secure VPN connection, which can only be activated by you at the machine's control terminal, is used as the interface. By using Remote VPN, you enable us to correct operating parameters on the machine, so that we can support you in a very targeted way, for example by identifying a fault or installing a software update.

Remote Assistance

Live Support

Using the Live Support assistance tool, our team of experts can help you in an even more wide-ranging and specific way. To use this tool, you only need your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet with Internet access. Everything else is designed to be very easy and effective.

By using your mobile device, you are guided by your MULTIVAC contact person to precisely the component, which is causing the fault. Using voice activation as well as notes and drawings shown on the live display of your device, the expert gives you full support in eliminating the fault yourself - just as if he were standing beside you. The very positive feedback from our customers has encouraged us to increasingly integrate such digital solutions into our range of services.

Smart Services

Greater efficiency thanks to digital solutions.

Benefit from MULTIVAC Smart Services from transparent processes and process data in real time. When used intelligently, they are a decisive factor behind your success, as well as making an important contribution to the maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your machines or lines. Our experts will be happy to advise you without obligation on how you can use MULTIVAC Smart Services profitably on new and existing equipment.


Our Helpdesk is focused on providing fast and effective troubleshooting, as well as on giving advice to our customers on all technical questions. Our highly qualified Service staff accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your MULTIVAC machine - from the initial installation onwards and including any retrofits or general overhauls.

All our customers enjoy technical support in their particular language and time zone* from our local Service specialists. Our experienced Service advisors are specially trained to support you quickly, practically and efficiently, so that your production is soon running again without a long period of downtime.

*Depending on the location of the nearest available MULTIVAC subsidiary.

Genuine spare parts

Genuine spare parts from MULTIVAC protect your machine, and they ensure that safe, reliable and efficient production is maintained. They stand for maximum performance and lifespan, as well as long-term security for your investment. A significant contribution to maximum machine availability and the overall efficiency of your production.

Our philosophy

  • Highest level of quality and reliability
  • Rapid spare parts supply worldwide
  • Long-term availability
  • Secure identification
  • Easy ordering
  • Comprehensive advice

My Multivac

Your central access point to the MULTIVAC world

Using myMULTIVAC, you can order spare parts and consumable materials for your MULTIVAC machines quickly and easily around the clock, and you can gain access to information about deliveries, dispatches and invoices for all your purchase orders.

Factory refurbished

Factory refurbishment of components

Despite many years of reliable service, certain components of a machine undergo a process of wear due to the nature of their operation. And coatings, gaskets etc. also lose their effectiveness over time due to external influences. Do something to counter this. Thanks to a professional repair or overhaul by the original manufacturer, even severely worn components can regain their full performance capability and reliability.

A factory refurbishment is available for many components, such as for example:
  • Sealing plates
  • Heating plates
  • Cutting tools
  • Lifting units
  • Electronic components
  • etc.

Factory refurbishment

Factory refurbishment of complete machines

In the case of a complete factory refurbishment, the entire machine and all its relevant components are disassembled, cleaned, checked and, if necessary, overhauled or replaced with MULTIVAC original parts. This means that you benefit over the long term from the kind of quality and reliability only the original manufacturer can offer.

A factory refurbishment with full documentation ensures that:

  • Your machine meets our high performance and quality standards again
  • Currently applicable safety standards are met
  • Up-to-date software is used
  • The general overhaul was carried out using MULTIVAC original parts
  • All work was performed by MULTIVAC experts

There are also second-hand machines, which have been bought back by MULTIVAC and completely overhauled, and these are available for quick delivery. Simply ask your MULTIVAC advisor.

MULTIVAC Custom Care


The MULTIVAC Retrofit modernisation service allows you to adapt your existing machines to new tasks and market requirements. By integrating new modules or retrofitting additional functions, we can extend the service life of your machine and increase its efficiency. By completely modernising your machine, we bring the hardware and software as well as the safety systems up to the latest state of technology - and all of this of course documented in full.

    After providing individual analysis and advice on your machine, our specialists will work with you to determine, in which areas your machine could most benefit from improvement:

    • Packaging material efficiency
    • Automation
    • Labelling and marking
    • Die change
    • Product inspection and safety
    • Hygiene
    • Accessories
    • Maintenance systems and audits
    • Central assemblies
    • etc.

    Best in class, around the clock.

    No company today can withstand long periods of downtime. The cause of a fault has to be identified quickly, and then eliminated easily and rapidly, particularly if you are producing on a just-in-time basis. MULTIVAC is in a position to provide both local and global support.

    With their profound know-how and many years of experience, more than 850 MULTIVAC service technicians throughout the world are by your side at all times. We are focused on providing you with technical support on-site, as well as ensuring that your operation runs smoothly, and that any faults are eliminated quickly and professionally. This is how we can guarantee the maximum availability of all MULTIVAC machines, whether they are already installed or yet to be installed.



    Live. Online. And interactive.

    By investing in a MULTIVAC solution, you have opted for equipment where quality, functionality and performance take pride of place. The potential of your investment can be exploited even more effectively through training courses for your staff.
    The range of training courses available from MULTIVAC encompasses both standardized and customized courses, which can take place either at our MULTIVAC Training Centers, with you on-site or online.

    The selection of courses is primarily aimed at operators, line supervisors and maintenance personnel. The course contents are worked through and taught interactively in small groups, using both theoretical and practical modules. Successful completion is confirmed by a certificate. The detailed course documents ensure the knowledge obtained is available at any time.

    Our training team will be happy to advise you in more detail, as well as recommend a suitable combination of possible course modules for your staff.

    Comprehensive expertise in packaging solutions

    Ecologically and economically sustainable.

    MULTIVAC's expertise in packaging solutions is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Our range of products, systems and customised services ensures that the highest levels of efficiency and productivity are achieved.