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Your perfect entry into thermoforming packaging

MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines for small to medium output quantities

Thermoforming packaging machines for the compact sector

Thanks to their modular design, our compact thermoforming packaging machines can be individually designed to your specific requirements. As a result, they offer the greatest possible efficiency for packing small to medium-sized batches. This makes it easy for small processors to get into thermoforming packaging.

  • Small to medium output quantities
  • Customized machine designs
  • Quick product change

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Thermoforming packaging machines are capable of being further expandable for the future

Be equipped for the future with your production and packaging machines. Our thermoforming packaging machines for the compact sector can be individually and specifically designed to your requirements. In addition, the modular design allows individual units to be retrofitted for additional functions. This is possible for production environments of any size from 3 m². 

  • Tailored accuracy - the modules are ideally suited to small to medium-sized batches and designed for this particular application of efficiency and ease of operation. 
  • Cost reduction - the e-concept version reduces operating costs since having a compressed air or cooling water connection is unnecessary. Here only a power supply is sufficient. The efficient use of energy and packaging materials also ensures that operating costs are low and pays off sustainability. 
  • Hygiene - thanks to the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, the machines can be cleaned quickly and easily. 
  • Quality - many years of experience in the packaging sector make MULTIVAC a reliable partner with the highest standards in quality. Robust stainless steel constructions provide a long lifespan and increase the efficiency of the systems. 
  • Consulting - with our consultation, we have your entire system in mind, and we will also be able to see how we can increase your efficiency and use unused potential.

Compact thermoforming packaging machines

Equipment options

  • Marking and inspection systems
  • Converging systems and handling modules
  • Modified atmosphere and specific machine designs for particular applications (e.x., oxygen flushing, liquid products)
  • The variety of options can be extended to increase productivity and machine availability
  • Contactless log-on and logoff at the HMI
  • E-concept (purely electrical operation without compressed air and cooling water connections)

Applications for compact thermoforming packaging machines

Packs without modified atmosphere

Packs without modified atmosphere - efficient and safe for food, consumer and industrial products as well as for use in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

MAP and EMAP packs extend the shelf life of your products

MAP and EMAP packs reduce food waste, improve protection during transport, extend shelf life and are ideal for stacking.

Vacuum packs for more safety

Vacuum packaging – for food, medical products as well as industrial and consumer goods. Extend the shelf life of your products.

Skin packs for attractive product presentation

Skin packs - vacuum skin packs ensure appeal at POS as well as a longer shelf life. Find out how your products will benefit from MultiFresh™.

Shrink packs

MULTIVAC FormShrink® packs are a cost-effective, safe and reliable alternative to conventional shrink packs.


Pack your food products with recyclable, paper fibre-based packaging materials using MULTIVAC PaperBoard

Additions from MULTIVAC's other product range

Thermoforming packaging machines for the compact sector

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