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The right printing technology radiates products

Printing in non-stop mode - precise, fast, and cost-effective. You can achieve this with the various printing techniques available from MULTIVAC. Short conversion times, great freedom of design, reliable operation and full integration are the core features of flexibility and process reliability.

Minimum changeover times for quick product change

When it comes to increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, flexibility and speed are indispensable. What also makes your machine cost-effective? This complete integration into existing MULTIVAC labelling systems and direct web printers, as well as being centrally controlled from one HMI. The automatic loading of the print layouts via the recipe ensures the correct print data is used, and this in turn ensures that the print result is printed. We accompany you throughout the entire lifespan of your line, and we will be at your side with advice and help, and ensure that your products shine with a brilliant print image at the point of sale.

MULTIVAC thermal transfer printer (TTO)

  • Effortless operation utilizing a graphic user interface
  • Hygiene design
  • Quick ribbon change 
  • Automatic loading of print layouts
  • Minimal downtime
  • Long ribbon length
  • Low operating costs

MULTIVAC TTO printers are compatible with MULTIVAC labelling and marking systems from HMI 2/3 onwards, and they are suitable for printing on labels, films and trays.

Output of the MULTIVAC TTO thermal transfer printers

Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing process, in which individual elements of a thermal printhead heat up. This causes the pigment of the thermal transfer ribbon, which is coated with synthetic resin / wax, to melt and be transferred to a label or a packaging film.
Thermal transfer printers achieve a resolution of up to 300 dpi and, in addition to texts and variable data, they can also print barcodes, logos and graphics of the highest quality.

MULTIVAC TTO printers combine the following benefits for you:

Simple operation and cleaning

  • Very simple operation by means of the graphic user interface

  • Hygiene design

  • Quick ribbon change

High cost-effectiveness

  • Automatic loading of print layouts

  • Minimal downtime

  • Long ribbon length

  • Low operating costs

MULTIVAC thermal inkjet printer (TIJ)

  • Low-maintenance and efficient
  • Zero downtime printing with two printing heads
  • low servicing requirements since there is no need for cleaning intervals
  • Short drying time of the inks
  • Secure saving of recipes and the associated print data
  • Solvent- and water-based MULTIVAC inks from one source for perfect printing results

MULTIVAC thermal inkjet printers are suitable for the direct printing of film on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, as well as for the printing of labels on labelling systems. They can be operated flexibly and simply via the control terminal of a MULTIVAC packaging machine or MULTIVAC labelling or marking system. Up to four printing heads per controller can be arranged side by side, so that a maximum print height of 50.8 mm is achieved.

MULTIVAC printing technology

The MULTIVAC TIJ thermal inkjet printers combine many benefits for you:

Low-maintenance and efficient

  • Zero downtime printing with 2 printing heads (ZDT)

  • Low servicing requirements, since there is no need for cleaning intervals

  • Automatic parking position prevents the print cartridges from drying out

  • Short drying time of the inks

  • IP65 protective cover for the printer and print cartridge

Operating reliability and efficiency

  • Operation is completely integrated in the HMI 2/3 for maximum efficiency
    Operating reliability and efficiency

  • Automatic loading of print layouts with the recipe, so that potential input errors are avoided

  • Guaranteed use of the correct printer cartridges, since the data is saved in the recipe

  • Pixel reduction/trimming for QR and Data Matrix codes

MULTIVAC stamp printers (STP)

  • Low-cost marking solution
  • Simple operation
  • Quick change of ink cartridges
  • Rapid change of type and printing blocks
  • Suitable consumable material from one source

MULTIVAC stamp printers are used on direct web printers. They are a particularly cost-effective solution for printing simple print layouts, such as use-by date, batch number or logo. In the case of multi-row applications on thermoforming packaging machines, the direct web printers are equipped with one or two extension arms.

Performance features of the MULTIVAC STP 20 stamp printing system

Stamp printers are mechanical printers, which mark the print image with the aid of a
plug is created. The stamp is equipped with flexible type or printing blocks, and it is coloured via an ink cartridge with printing ink based on alcohol. The ink cartridges must be stored airtight to protect them against drying out.

MULTIVAC printing technology

The MULTIVAC STP 20 stamp printing system offers them many advantages:

Operation and servicing

  • Simple operation

  • Quick change of ink cartridge

  • Quick change of type and printing blocks


  • Low-cost marking solution

  • Suitable consumable material from one source

MULTIVAC printer consumables

Printer consumables - all materials that are used in the packaging and marking process are perfectly matched to each other.

Other interesting topics

Your benefits with MULTIVAC

In this way you prevent product returns and loss of image

We work with a wide range of printing technologies, which match your requirements exactly. In this way you can achieve optimum printing results with maximum efficiency on labels, films and packs. Benefit from solutions from one source. Special applications with combined marking systems are compatible and can be fully integrated. Everything goes together perfectly and results in outstanding results. 

  • Integrity - our printing modules can be quickly and easily integrated into existing labellers. Your staff control the entire printing and packaging process via the central control system throughout all the lines by means of one intuitive user interface. 

  • Flexibility - You have a wide range of options for using the widest range of label materials and formats.

  • Quality - You get everything from one source. In addition to your printing system, we supply you with consumable materials of the highest quality for every sub-stage of the labelling process. 

  • Efficiency - excellent printing results on labels, films and packs, as well as precise positioning on a wide range of pack contours, lead to maximum reproducibility and greater process reliability. The automatic loading of the print layouts via the recipe prevents additional effort due to reworking or product returns. 

  • Cost-effectiveness - maintenance-free design, a hygiene-friendly design and a robust and durable design enable operating costs to be low. Short conversion times mean that you also benefit from a high level of availability.

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