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Enable Production 4.0 with Smart Services

Digitally detect what is taking place live - with Smart Services, you have firm control of your production processes. We will network your equipment so that you can use all the information about your production operation and all locations - as well as your machines and lines. This enables weak points and potential for improvement to be identified.

Transparent, flexible, plannable – Smart Services

Production 4.0 is challenging: Collect, interpret, recognize and make use of this valuable potential. Production data along the entire system and line provides you with important information.

Do you have any idea how much potential remains unused daily in your processing and packaging processes?

We offer you digital solutions to recognize and exploit this potential:

Recognizing unused potential with transparency | Measure

  • Live key performance indicators of your machines - at any location and available at any time

  • Fast and straightforward comparability of data for your machines,
    lines, locations, shifts and items

  • In addition to predefined key figures, you can also identify and assess your key performance indicators

Use analysis to identify any weak points | Analyze

Carefully prepared and easily consumed analytics allows you to quickly gain insight into your processing and packaging processes

  • What happens?

  • How frequently does it happen?

  • What impact does it have?

Implementimprovements with intelligent wizards | Assist

  • MULTIVAC expert knowledge is available to you: from machine configuration through to faults and all the way through to to machine maintenance and servicing

  • Personal support and advice from MULTIVAC experts thanks to data-driven optimization of machines and processes, we will support you in exploiting your full potential

Ideally equipped for the future with preventive measures and early identification | Prevent

Constantly optimized algorithms and systems help you detect any pending problems early on

  • Not reaching set production figures

  • Wear on components and modules

  • Creeping losses of quality

  • Unplanned downtime

Get started today and explore the real potential of your machines

Take advantage of the opportunity to have our experts present MULTIVAC's digital solutions to you, or have a look at our demo versions yourself via the myMULTIVAC customer portal.