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X-ray inspection systems give a deep look

If end consumers' trust is damaged, it will be difficult to win it back. Faultless products strengthen customer loyalty and save you any possible product recalls. With MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems, you can reliably check the quality of your packaging line.

Seamless quality control with MULTIVAC

Increase reliability in your packaging process. It may be easier than you think. We provide you with optimal advice and undertake the project management and implementation for you. Their requirements set the benchmark for MULTIVAC's X-ray inspection system, which can be flexibly integrated.

Even at very high throughputs, our units reliably detect foreign bodies in the product and the pack. Our inspection systems perform the best work under even the most challenging conditions: They see, for example, foreign bodies that are extremely small or which differ hardly from a product's density. Our X-ray inspection systems achieve this in non-stop mode at very high speeds and with minimum maintenance. In this way, you can be sure that only excellent products in perfect packs leave your manufacturing company.


The BASELINE I 100 X-ray inspection system is used to detect foreign bodies in primary and secondary packaging up to a product width of up to 400 mm.

I 110

The MULTIVAC I 110 X-ray inspection system is variable in scan width and offers fast inspection speed for foreign body detection.

I 510

The MULTIVAC I 510 combines an X-ray inspection system and checkweigher for weight and foreign object inspection with a small space requirement.

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Your benefits with MULTIVAC

Protection of consumers through reliable quality control

Avoid contamination of your products so that your end consumers are not at risk - and trust in your brand is maintained. Reduce errors in your production to a minimum. Our X-ray inspection systems work precisely and reliably, thus increasing the product safety of your entire production. We will advise you individually and accompany you from the planning stage to put the machine into service on-site. 

  • Integration - we match the units exactly to your requirements in the modular construction system. You can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production line and combined with other inspection equipment such as checkweighers

  • Flexibility – additional tasks such as measuring fill heights and the shape, position, or dimensions can be easily configured. This makes product change easier and increases the level of flexibility 

  • Efficiency - even in non-stop mode, MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems automatically achieve maximum throughput rates and thus meet high output requirements. Speed is the decisive factor in the packaging process for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

  • Regulations – strict trading standards require the most efficient and secure quality control method. In addition to checking the shape, thickness, and integrity, we also enable reject packs to be ejected. Our units also identify the smallest foreign bodies under the most difficult conditions

  • Transparency - central storage and evaluation of all the data via your quality control enables you to achieve transparency across all lines and locations. In this way, you can plan and optimize your production in a targeted way


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